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Anna Mae Aquash Site


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Anna Mae Aquash Pictou was a Micmac Indian born on a small reserve in Nova Scotia. She was an A.I.M. activist and involved in various indigenous rights movements. She was brutally murdered sometime in December of 1975. On March 24, 1976 her frozen body, wrapped in a blanket, was found 10 miles Northeast of Wanblee on Highway 73, down a ravine a few hundred yards from the road.

Site of where Anna Mae’s body was found.

She was at the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973 where American Indian Movement members under siege by the military stood off for 71 days to bring attention to native injustice. After her death a state ordered pathologist claimed she had died from exposure. They buried here in haste without a burial permit or proper identification. The then cut off her hands and sent them to the F.B.I. for fingerprinting. After her family was notified and contacted; they exhumed the grave and a second autopsy revealed that the cause of death was from a bullet in the back of the head, execution style.
The crime is unsolved to this day; some say Anna Mae was murdered by A.I.M. activists claiming she was an informant for the F.B.I. Others believe it was the government who committed the crime, and still there are other theories surrounding her untimely death.

  • She was at the Wounded Knee Occupation in 1973 – 71 day standoff

  • Some say she was kidnapped from Denver from the AIM “safehouse” of Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, driven to the reservation and interrogated, then executed

  • Many believe it was the FBI who murdered her due to her failure to cooperate with them when questioned about the murders of the two FBI agents at the Jumping Bull compound

  • Some believe it was AIM leaders believing her to be an informant

  • Arlo is being held in custody

  • Theda Clark is said to have Alzheimer’s

  • There are many theory’s regarding her murder

Suggested Action

  • On Saturday, November 18, 2006 – on our field trip to Pass Creek Basin, Ferdinand Romero located the actual site where A.M.A. was found

  • Ferdinand has also accompanied the family of A.M.A. to this site as well

  • The site is unmarked and recommendation for a plaque or headstone or some type of memorial is suggested


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