Animal Farm Exam English 10 Matching: Match each character or idea to its real world representation

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Animal Farm Exam

English 10
Matching: Match each character or idea to its real world representation

1. Snowball A. KGB

2. Napoleon B. Trotsky

3. Dogs C. Hard-working masses

4. Boxer D. Propaganda

5. Squealer E. Stalin

6. Mollie A. Marx

7. Jones B. Allied Forces

8. Old Major C. Aristocracy

9. Pilkington D. Czar Nicholas II

10. Benjamin E. Older Generation
11. Muriel A. Communism

12. Animalism B. Religion

13. Sheep/Other Animals C. Hitler

14. Frederick D. Brain-washed followers

15. Moses E. Educated people
True/False: Label each statement below as either True or False (no T or F)

16. Mollie was the pigs’ most faithful follower.

17. The pigs plan the animal rebellion against Mr. Jones very, very carefully with everything planned out.

18. Benjamin the donkey is quite unchanged by the Rebellion.

19. Animal rebellion spreads quickly to the other farms in the area.

20. The award of Hero First Class is given to Snowball and Boxer for their heroism in the Battle of Cowshed.

21. The pigs sell Boxer to the knackers for money to buy whiskey.

22. At the end of Animal Farm, the pigs make no excuses for reserving the best produce for themselves.

23. Old Major’s dream provides the animals with exact plans for a rebellion against Man.

24. Moses the raven is run off Animal Farm and never permitted to return ever again.

25. Mollie the mare prefers material things rather than her freedom from Man.
Multiple Choice – Choose the answer that best completes each statement below
26. According to Old Major, animals live in misery because:

a. that is the order of nature

b. the animals are too stupid

c. man steals the produce of the animals’ labor

d. the soil of England is bad

27. Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer:

a. plan the rebellion against Farmer Jones

b. organize the animals into an effective fighting unit

c. organize Old Major’s teachings into a system called Animalism

d. plan to change the commandments of Animalism from the beginning

28. Old Major’s death was

a. caused by Mr. Jones

b. natural, in his sleep

c. a planned catalyst of the rebellion

d. accidental
29. Immediately following their successful rebellion, the animals decide that:

a. the farmhouse should be burned to the ground

b. the pigs should move into the farmhouse

c. all the animals should move into the farmhouse

d. the farmhouse should be preserved as a museum
30. The pigs argue that Sugar Candy Mountain:

a. doesn’t exist

b. is a place to which all animals go when they die

c. is to be set aside as a retirement home

d. is a wonderful, happy country in the sky
31. The seven commandments of Animalism inscribed on the barn wall are:

a. never changed

b. ignored by the pigs

c. completely abolished by the pigs when they take control

d. changed by the pigs to suit their own needs
32. The first harvest after the rebellion is

a. challenging, but successful

b. easy and successful

c. a complete disaster

d. not completed

33. The basic, underlying cause of the trouble between Napoleon and Snowball is:

a. Napoleon resents Snowball’s inventiveness

b. Napoleon corrupts the principles of Animalism

c. the two pigs are in a power struggle to gain control of Animal Farm

d. the two pigs are in violent opposition over the windmill project

34. Napoleon crushes the hens’ resistance to higher egg quotas by:

a. having the hens killed by the dogs

b. exiling the ringleaders of the resistance

c. destroying the hens’ chicks

d. ordering the hens’ rations stopped
35. The death of the animals who confess to crimes against Napoleon and Animal Farm shocks the other animals because:

a. the scene is far bloodier than anything Farmer Jones ever did

b. so many animals are executed

c. the alleged traitors confess of their own free will

d. animals are killing animals, going against the commandment

36. Squealer explains that “Beasts of England” should no longer be sung for which reason:

a. the rebellion is over and it was a song of rebellion

b. Napoleon no longer likes the music

c. the better society has now arrived

d. other animals are stealing their song

37. The actual reason why “Beasts of England” is no longer to be sung is:

a. Napoleon is secretly teaching it to the other farms

b. Napoleon does not want the animals to rebel against him

c. Snowball wrote the song and Napoleon hates Snowball

d. The animals like the song too much
38. Boxer dies:

a. at a veterinary hospital

b. in a harness while building the windmill

c. in front of the barn with his throat torn out by dogs

d. at the knackers
39. The animals of Animal Farm vote that the wild creatures are:

a. enemies

b. friends

c. incapable of comprehending Animalism

d. to be excluded from the benefits of Animalism
40. After Old Major’s death, Napoleon establishes himself as a leader partly because of his reputation as:

a. a vivacious pig

b. an un-talkative pig who frequently gets his own way

c. a persuasive talker who can convince others that black is white

d. a brilliant thinker who can sway others with logical arguments
41. According to Moses, Sugar Candy Mountain is:

a. a place where animals go when they die

b. a place set aside as a retirement home for the animals

c. an imaginary country in the sky

d. a myth created by man to keep the animals content with their lives
42. During the second battle, the windmill

a. falls down

b. is stolen

c. is taken over by the men

d. gets blown up
43. Napoleon drives Snowball from Animal Farm by:

a. proving that Snowball is an agent for human beings

b. defeating Snowball in battle

c. winning the support of the animals in an election

d. through physical force
44. Napoleon takes the title of

a. Mr. President

b. our leader

c. Governor

d. Super Pig Napoleon

45. The seven commandments of Animalism are FINALLY (as in, at the end of the book) reduced to:

a. four legs good, two legs bad

b. four legs good, two legs better

c. all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others

d. Napoleon is always right

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