Andrus ap united States History Chapter 15 Identifications (IDs)

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Andrus AP United States History Chapter 15 Identifications (IDs)

(Also known as “Vocabulary” or “Key Terms” but on your grade it will show up as “IDs” because it’s easier to type!)

Define these important things, people, places, & ideas in your own words in a sentence or two. You need to write or type them on your own paper, flashcards or a flashcard app on your mobile device. They are generally found in order in the chapter but the textbook index and reliable Internet sources may also be of assistance. Be sure to NUMBER them as well! Due on the day of the test.1. "Lost Cause"

2. 13th Amendment

3. Freedmen's Bureau

4. Radical Republicans

5. Lincoln's 10% Reconstruction Plan

6. Wade-Davis Bill

7. Pocket Veto (look it up)

8. Assassination of Abrham Lincoln

9. John Wilkes Booth

10. Andrew Johnson

10. Johnson's Restoration Plan aka “Presidential Reconstruction”

11. Black Codes

12. Civil Rights Act of 1866

13. 14th Amendment

14. Three Reconstruction Bills

15. 15th Amendment

16. Tenure of Office Act

17. Command of the Military Act

18. Ex Parte Milligan (1866)

19. Impeachment & Acquittal of Johnson

20. scalawags

21. carpetbaggers

22. Hiram Revels, Blanche K. Bruce

23. “Forty acres and a mule!”

24. sharecropping/tenant farming

25. crop-lien system

26. Election of U.S. Grant (1868)

27. “Grantism”

28. Credit Mobilier Scandal

29. Panic of 1873

30. Seward’s Folly

31. Ku Klux Klan

32. Enforcement Acts

33. Social Darwinism

34. Election of 1876

35. Compromise of 1877

36. Redeemers/Bourbons

37. New South

38. Minstrel Show

39. Convict Lease System

40. Booker T. Washington

41. The Atlanta Compromise

42. Plessey v. Ferguson (1896)

43. Cumming v. County Board of Education (1899)

44. Jim Crow Laws

45. lynching/vigilante mob “justice”

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