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Comparison of the Russian Revolution to the French Revolution
Watch The Revolution Begins. Compare the following and give an example of each:
French Russian

  1. Conditions for the poor

  1. Feelings about the Queen / Czarina.

  1. Trigger of the revolution.

  1. Aim of the revolution

  1. End result of the revolution

Watch October Manifesto

  1. List 3 thing the Manifesto gave to the people.

  1. When the Duma made demands, what did Czar Nicholas do? How was this similar to King Louis calling a meeting of the 3 Estates?

  1. Czar Nicholas (and King Louis) believed that ______________ chose them to rule.

  1. What disease did the Czarovich (son of the Czar) have?

  1. Who was the “savior” of the royal family? Describe him.

  1. What war did Russia get drawn into?

  1. What fraction of Russia’s men were lost in the first 2 ½ years?

  1. Give an example of poor leadership by Nicholas.

  1. Peace, Land and, ____________ was the motto of the revolution. What was the motto of the French revolution?

  1. List 4 things that were done to kill Rasputin.

  1. On March 1, 1917 Nicholas ______________ the throne.

Watch “Tsar’s Family Death”

  1. Write a brief paragraph describing the death of the Czar and his family.

  1. What happened to King Louis and his family?

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