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Roman Teen video:

  1. What was a common smell in early Roman mornings in AD 79?

  1. In ancient Rome, what percentage of children died before reaching adulthood?

  1. Although he can join the military at 17, what is Lucius not trusted to do until he is 25 years old?

  1. At the baths, bathers participate in a more-than-an-hour long event that includes all of the following

  1. In hindsight (looking back), we know Lucius' future. Which emperor will enact a reign of terror on Rome in Lucius' adult life?

  1. Coming of age was a major event in the life of a child in ancient Rome. Why do you think there was such an incredible ceremony to celebrate adulthood? What similar celebrations exist today?

  1. What are some major similarities and differences between ancient Roman culture and the culture of the average teenager today? Do you think you would have enjoyed life in ancient Rome?

  1. The streets of ancient Rome were filled with itinerant (travels from place to place) traders. Describe how you imagine that kind of environment. How do you think the traders gained access to goods? If you were a trader, what would you sell?


  1. Why did the Romans name the sea “Mediterranean”?

  1. How far did Rome’s empire stretch?

    1. North-South:

    2. East-West:

  1. How many people lived in the Roman Empire at its peak?

  1. Who (from where) initially ruled Rome and most of Italy?

  1. What type of government relationship started with the Etruscans and continued throughout Roman history?

  1. Where did the word “republic” come from?

What did the term represent to the newly independent Romans?

  1. What was the structure of the Roman military?

  1. Describe the Roman Republic’s government structure?

  1. Rome offered what choices to areas they were invading?

  1. Why did the Romans offer different levels of citizenship?

  1. Where is Carthage?

Why would their location be a threat to Rome?

  1. The ___________________War was started by __________________a general from _______________________________. He led _________________soldiers and 37 _____________________________over ______________ miles from southern _______________________, over the _________________then down to __________________________. He is unsuccessful at taking Rome. Hannibal ultimately went into exile in _____________________ after Carthage falls a 2nd time to Rome.

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