Ancient China Webliography

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Ancient China Webliography

(Several ancient civilization video shorts are part of the Kids Animated History with Pipo series found on Hulu channel here: They are all great videos for a quick overview of each civilization.)

Kids Animated History with Pipo – Ancient China Pt 1
Kids Animated History with Pipo – Ancient China Pt 2
Mongols in World History

A good history of the Mongols.

Buddhism: Basic Beliefs

A good introduction to the religion.

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: Ancient China

A look not only at the Great Wall of China, but the terracotta army and the structure of a

Chinese village as remarkable monuments of the time.
The Great Wall of China

From the History Channel. Both a video and a summary of its history. Click on the Tags

link at the bottom to find further History Channel resources about China.
Tangram Game

Play online a game that was invented in ancient China.

Discovering China – Confucius

This video explains the impact Confucius had on Chinese history.

Ancient China

WatchKnowLearn organizes several ancient China videos in one place.

Ancient Chinese Facts for Kids

Covers many topics including art, books, health and more.

Ghengis Khan

Videos and article about the leader.

Decontructing History: the Great Wall of China

A look at the construction of this famous wall.

China’s Terracotta Warriors

A history by PBS.

Mr. Dowling's Classroom: Chinese History

This site has a chart which summarizes the accomplishments of the earliest Chinese dynasties and beyond. It also covers Confucius, the Legalists, and the Great Wall.

Mysterious Mummies of China

NOVA Online talks about the Takla Makan Mummies of China.
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