Ancient China Religion Poster

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Ancient China Religion Poster

Instructions: Using Word, you are to create a beautiful, informational poster detailing one of the three religions followed in ancient China. Your choices are: Buddhism, Confucianism, or Daoism. The goal of your poster is to educate your peers about the details of the religion. You will be presenting your poster during the next history class period. Be sure to use the sources provided, the rubric, and the student example to aid in your creation.








  1. Poster is created in Word.

  1. Poster has author’s name.

  1. Poster has 2 pictures.

  1. The basic beliefs of the religion are provided.

  1. The individual who founded the religion is provided.

  1. Three interesting facts are provided about the religion.

  1. The poster has a title.

  1. The poster’s font and size are very legible.

  1. There are no spelling or grammar errors.

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