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Ancient Americans page 38 9/10/14

27,000 years ago to 500 years ago

┬ĚPeople Arrive in the Americas

People began arriving in the Americas around 27,000 years ago.


1. glacier- huge, thick sheet of slowly

moving ice

2. migration- movement from one region

to another

Scientists have a theory that ancient American Paleo (past) Indians traveled across a land bridge (Beringia, which no longer exists today) from Asia to the Americas.

┬ĚCivilizations Develop

Farming led to villages, more people and civilizations

3. agriculture- farming or growing plants

4. civilization- a group of people living

together who have systems of

government, religion, and culture

-Mound Builders

5. Adena- people who made mounds in the shapes of animals or symbols

6. Hopewell- people who buried jewelry, tools, and pottery in mounds

7. Mississippians- ancestors of Creek


Paleo Indians such as the Mound Builders (Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippians) were the earliest people to create villages in northern America. The Pueblo Peoples and Aztecs followed.

-Ancient Pueblo Peoples

8. pueblo- Spanish for town

Around 1100, the ancient Pueblo Peoples built large buildings of mud in present-day Arizona, New Mexico, and Northern Mexico.

9. kivas- a large underground room for

religious ceremonies (Pueblo Peoples)

-The Aztecs

The Aztecs ruled Central Mexico for 200 years (1300) and had buildings, roads, and a population of 250,000 people in their capital city.

During the Ice Age, Asian hunters followed large animals across Beringia to North America. Around 9000 years ago, people in the Americas began farming. Important early civilizations of the Americas included the Mound Builders, the Ancient Pueblo, and the Aztecs. The history of the people of North America began with the American Indians. They practiced agriculture and built civilizations.

Possible Quiz Questions:

-An underground room used for religious ceremonies are called ______________.

-A land bridge that connected Asia and North America is called ______________.

-______________ is the Spanish word for town.


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