Analysis of Deed 29 April 1910 Book Pages 91,92,93 and 94

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Analysis of Deed

29 April 1910 Book ___ Pages 91,92,93 and 94.

Transfer Deed from Jesse Jones Stith heirs to Charles Lee Scott and Walter Lee Scott.
Black Text is transcribed directly from the deed.

Blue Text is analysis listing Jesse Jones Stith's brothers and sisters.

Pink text is analysis referring to Jesse Jones Stith's nieces and nephews.

Green text is analysis referring to Jesse Jones Stith's grand nieces and grand nephiews.

1. Jesse's sister Lucy Jones Stith (b. 1802) m. Thomas Hawfield Stith (Son of William Stith and Nancy Jones). Their children were A. Malvine Stith (b. 1823), B. Thomas J. Stith (b. 1825), C. Robert Stith (b. 1829), D. Julia Stith (b. 1834) and E. Louise Stith (b. 1836)

Children of daughter m. Saunders?

W.S.Saunders, Sue Saunders,

A. Malvina Miles, George Miles,

Children of daughter m. Hills?

Thomas.R.Hills, Mattie Hills Priest, Harry.S.Hills,

E. Louisa Stith m. first a Stith. Her daughter by first marriage: (information from Jesse Stith's photo album)

Lucy Stith,

E. Louisa Stith m. second a Mitcham (information from Jesse Stith's photo album)


Sallie Mitcham Alexander,

Julia Mitcham Turpin,


Children of son?

Lucy Ann Stith Jeulcius,

Joseph.D.Stith, Laura Stith,

Marion Stith Nall, Nall her husband,

Childern of daughter m. Read?

Robert Read, Lizzie Read,

Sylvester Read,

Children of daughter m. Saunders?

Joe Saunders, Maggie Saunders,

Allen Saunders, Eva Saunders,

Richard Saunders, Pearl Saunders,

Maggie Bruner, Gus.D.Bruner,

Lucy Lewis, J.Will Lewis,

Nora Saunders,

Rachel Jones, J.D.Jones,

Zora Foushee, Thomas Foushee,

Ina Saunders,

Daisy Saunders Powell, F.W.Powell,

Temp Saunders Smith, Joe Smith,

Ben C. Saunders, Catherine Saunders,
2. Jesse's sister Elizabeth Stith (b. 1803) m. Stith Saunders their daughter A.Mary Walker Saunders m. Elijah Ashcraft Shacklett. Their children included a. Elizabeth Jane (Betsy) Shacklett (m. John C. Walker Taylor), b. Samantha Barbara Shacklett, c. Carolina Shacklett (m. Thomas H. Hamilton), d. Mary (Moly) David Shacklett (m. Reuben Newton Hatcher), e. Richard Peter Shacklett, f. William Anderson Shacklett

a. Children of Betsy and John Taylor: i. Lauren J. Taylor, ii. Daniel Percy Taylor, iii. Mary Taylor, iv. Jesse Shacklett Taylor

i. L.J.Taylor,

ii. Children of Daniel Percy Taylor?: Eva Taylor, Percy Taylor, Lena Taylor,

iii. Mary Taylor,

iv. Jesse Taylor,

b. Barbra Shacklett,

c. Lina Hamilton,

d. Molly Shacklett Hatcher, R.N.Hatcher,

e. R.P.Shacklett,

f. W.A.Shacklett, Enfield Shacklett, William Anderson Shacklett m. Eunice Enfield Williams, daughter of Samuel Best Williams and Rachel Taylor
3. Jesse's brother Buckner Jones Stith (b. 1807) m. Cinderella Mooreman. Their children were A. Lucy Catherine Stith (b. 1830), B. Elizabeth Stith(b. 1832), C. Rachel Stith, D. Rhoda Stith (b. 1833), E. Annia Stith (1840), F. Eveline Stith (b. 1836), G. Charles Moorman Stith (b. 1834). Buckner Jones Stith m. second Mary Cofer. Their children were H. Leander Stith (b. 1851), I. Albert F. Stith (b. 1846), J. Elvira B. Stith (1848)
A. Children of Lucy Catherine Stith and Henry W. Cain were a. Leona Cain, b. Charley Cain, c. Ella Cain, d. Louisa Cain, e. Bettie Cain, and f. Henry Cain.

a. Liona Cain Adkinsson,

b. Charley Cain,

c. Ella Cain Lloyd,

d. Louisa Cain Parrott,

e. Betty Cain Flower,

f. Children of Henry Cain?

Henry Cain Smith,

Edw. Smith,

Rilla Foushee, G.W.Foushee,

B. Children of Elizabeth Stith and William F. Morgan?


Althea Morgan,


Bettie Morgan,


Polly Morgan,


Eva Woolfolk, L.N.Woolfolk,

C. Rachiel Stith McQuown, Edward Y. McQuown her husband,

D. Rhoda Stith Jones, J. Hanson Jones her husband,

E. Annie Stith Beasley, Beasley her husband,

F. Children of Evaline Stith who m. a Taft?

Elizabeth Taft, George Taft,

Ruth Taft, Milton Taft,

G. Children of Charles Mooreman Stith who m. Mary E. Wells?

Mamie Stith,

Charles F. Stith,

Kate P. Stith Westerfield,

H. Leander Stith,

I. Children of Albert F. Stith m. Mary E. Hodges

Cofer Stith, Stith his wife,

Holland Stith, Stith his wife,

Mamie Stith,

William Stith,

J. Evaline Stith Hardaway, T.P.Hardaway, Checks with Bewleyville Methodist Church membership list of 1889.

3. Jesse's brother, John Craig Stith (b. 1810) m. Martha Hardaway

the unknown heirs of John C. Stith deceased,

4. Jesse's brother, William Banks Stith (b. 1812) m. Hannah Hayden. Their children were Junis B. Stith, James Lafayette Stith, Sr., Martha Stith, John Stith. William Banks Stith m. second Elizabeth Ann King. Their children were Lucy Catherine Stith, Saloma E. Stith, , William King Stith, and A. Jesse (James?) J. Stith, B. Richard Thomas Stith, C. Elizabeth Stith, D, Frances P. Stith, E. Mary B. Stith, F. Jeffrey Taylor Stith

A. James J.Stith, (Moved to Missouri per Jesse Stith photo album)

M.E. Stith Girdner, Martha Stith??

B. R.T.Stith,

C. Lizzie Stith Crane,

D. Fannie P. Stith Griffith,

E. Mary B. Stith Cowell,

F. J.T.Stith,

5. Jesse's sister Susan Stith m. Griffin Stith (son of William Stith and Nancy Jones). Their children were Seana W. Stith, Thomas G. Stith, Horace J. Stith, Melissa W. Stith, A. Marion Frances Stith, B. Christopher Colombus Stith, C. Margaret Estell Stith and D. Hester A. Stith. What happened to the four older children?

A. Children of Marion Frances Stith who married Nancy Catherine "Nannie" Abel

Lucy Lawson, Lucinda Stith

Maggie Roberts, W.H.Roberts,

Griffin Stith, Annie Stith, Robert Griffin Stith m. Sally Annie Dowden

Horrace Stith, Forrest Stith, Horace Pate Stith m. Forrest Belle Bewley

Will Stith, William H. Stith

Flora M. Smith, Will Smith,

B. Columbus Stith, Virginia Stith,

C. Margaret Estrell Stith m. a Long?

Susan Long, Virgil Long,

D. Hester A. Stith m. Gilbert Wright. Hester had two children, Arthur and Emma, then died young. Their daughter Emma Catherine Wright m. Charles B. Stith (son of Henry Stith and Mary Ann Stith). Gilbert Wright then married Nancy Elizabeth Stith, daughter of Henry Stith and Mary Ann Stith.

Arthur Wright, Mary Wright,

Emma Wright Stith, Charley Stith, This Charley Stith is identified by Kenneth Stith with Charles B. Stith son of Henry Stith. Could this be in error? Their children per Joe Mac Wright were 1. Charley Gray Stith 2. Boone Stith 3. Grace Stith 4. Bess Stith 5. Ed Stith

M.D. Laffayette Dowell, Cash Dowell,
6. Jesse's brother, Edmund S. Stith m. Mary S. Dowell. Their children were A. Richard Stith, B. Medora (Dora) Stith, , C. Jesse Stith, D. Millard T. Stith, E. Barbara Stith, F. Sallie Stith, and G. Charles Stith.

A. James Richard Stith, Stith his wife, (Jim Dick Stith?) (Dick Stith?)

B. Dora F. Winn, Doctor Winn her husband,

D. the unknown heirs of Millard F. Stith deceased,

E. Barbara Stith m. Skillman?

Frank P. Skillman, Mamie Skillman,

F. Sarah E. Stith,
7. Jesse's sister Martha Ann Stith m. Joseph Edwin Hardaway. Their children were James Madison Hardaway, Mary Jane Hardaway, Frances Victoria Hardaway, Richard Windham Hardaway and Charles H. Hardaway.

James M. Hardaway, Eva Hardaway,

W.D.Cunnningham, Cunnningham her husband, ??????

Windonm Hardaway, Hardaway his wife,

Beverly Anderson Miller, ?????

Charley Hardaway,

8. Jesse's sister, Mary Ann Stith, m. Henry Stith (son of William Stith and Nancy Jones Stith). They had a number of children, several of which died young. These children included Nancy Stith, Charles B. Stith, Thomas J. Stith and Rosana Stith.

Nancy Stith Wright, Nancy is second wife of Gilbert Wright. First wife was Hester A. Stith, daughter of Susan Stith and Griffin Stith.

Charles B. Stith, (Apparently this is the same individual as the "Charley Stith" above?)

Thomas J. Stith, Hanah Stith,

Rosana Stith m. William Shumate. Their children?

W. Henry Shumate, Annie Shumate,

T. Jeff Shumate, Ruth Shumate,

Sallie Shumate Simpson, Mace Simpson,

Martin Shumate Wright, Eugene Wright,

Sophia Shumate Board, Milton Board,

Hills Priest, Henry Priest

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