An Invitation To: Name Your Invitees

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An Invitation

To: Name Your Invitees

From: Agency Name
Join a Dedicated Team to Develop an

Internet-Based Learning Community
Educators, Agency Name staff, and other partners working together to help all our children reach high academic standards and learn to think and act like enlightened citizens. Imagine interactive learning experiences based on the knowledge, experiences and insights of experts at Agency Name. Imagine this on the desktops of millions of students, teachers, and parents.
The purpose of this invitation is to encourage educators like you to work with a team of Agency Name staff members to develop an internet-based learning community. The benefits for educators who work on this team include, but are not limited to:

  • The immediate availability of a wealth of information not found in your students’ textbooks about insert topic;

  • An opportunity to create lesson plans, share them with other educators, and have them published on the Agency Name web site;

  • Trips to Your Location for meetings and in-service training with expert consultants and the entire project team;

The ideal active teacher member is one who communicates regularly by e-mail and uses educational content in an Internet based-format. However, we are not just looking for people who are already integrating technology in their classrooms. We need a team balanced with expert and novice Internet users, so don’t hesitate to apply if you feel you would like to learn how to create relevant internet-based curricular materials based on the resources of the Agency Name.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this team, please send us

  • A sample of a standards-based lesson plan that you have created and used successfully in your classroom;

  • A letter of interest (no more than 500 words) that addresses the availability of computers with Internet access at your school and your home, your experience using educational technology, and how you currently teach about insert topic.

  • A letter of endorsement from your school principal.

Mail, fax, or e-mail it by Insert deadline date to:

Agency Name

Department Name

Attn: Name Of Person Who Will Collect Applications

Street Address

City, State And Zip Code
FAX:     -     -     

E-mail: Insert e-mail address

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