An Adventure to the New World “Explorer Report”

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An Adventure to the New World “Explorer Report”

Research and report on an explorer to learn more about how European exploration affected the Americas. Follow the directions below, step by step, to complete your report. You must type your report but time will be given in class to do this at school. You must use at least three different sources and one of them MUST be a book (not an encyclopedia). Your other sources can be a website, another book, an encyclopedia, magazines, video or anything else you find on your subject. Your report has several components. Please note the due dates along the way.

Important Project Dates
Research Note-taking Sheets (classwork & homework): Due: MONDAY, 11/16

Source List (Typed in class): We will do in class

Map (homework): Due: THURSDAY, 11/19

Coversheet (classwork): We will do in class

FINAL Report (mostly classwork): Turn in on WEDNESDAY, 11/24
Turn in all pieces with the final report!

Note: All of the writing for this project is to be done in class. In order for us to stay on schedule, you will absolutely need to have your note sheets ready by the due date (November 16th). Late note sheets will result in a lowered

final grade.

My explorer is______________________________________


  • A cover sheet that includes the name and picture of your explorer. Also be sure to include your name and heading information.

  • Five Paragraph Essay

  • A hand-drawn map of the route(s) your explorer traveled along. You may trace a map but please don’t’ turn in something you printed off the internet! Be sure your map is labeled neatly with cities, countries, and rivers, etc. Include whatever features you find. Then, draw a bold line tracing the route(s) your explorer took.

  • Source List – Write the following information down for each of your sources - Books: Titles and authors; Internet: URL; Encylopedia: Name, date and page number(s); video: title and production source (such as company, studio, online source, etc.)

  • Research Note Taking Sheets (a minimum of 3) with facts included SOURCE identified.


Put the components of your report in this order in this order. Staple the pieces together in the upper left hand corner.

  1. Cover Page

  2. Report

  3. Map

  4. List of Sources

  5. 3 Research Note Taking Sheets

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