Amistad: Questions & Answers

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Amistad: Questions & Answers

  1. Where was the Amistad captured after the revolt?

  1. From where did the Amistad originally set sail?

    • Havana, Cuba

  1. Who led the revolt aboard the ship?

  1. How did Ruiz and Montez get the ship to Mantuak point?

  1. What charges were levied against the captives?

    • Murder & Piracy

  1. Who were the 2 abolitionists that were looking for someone to take the case?

  1. Who became the lawyer for the captives? (part of the Amistad Committee

  1. What three groups were trying to claim the Africans as property?

  1. Who was the ex-president that eventually joined the Amistad Committee?

  1. How did Josiah Gibbs (part of the Amistad Committee) break the communication problem with the captives? Why was this important?

11. Who became the translator?

12. What slave ship transported the captives from Lomboka to Cuba?

- The Tecora

  1. Why did President Van Buren want the captives to loose their case?

- He feared re-election, was worried about a civil war, feared retaliation from Spain

  1. What was the decision handed down by Judge Judson?

    1. That the Africans were free-born and should be returned to Africa. Ruiz & Montez were to be arrested for illegal slave trading.

  1. What was the argument used by John Quincy Adams in defending the captives in the Supreme Court?

    1. He used the Declaration of Independence. It stated that all men are equal under the law.

  1. Where did the captives move to while waiting to go home?

    1. They lived in Farmington, Connecticut while waiting for enough money to be raised to send them home.

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