American Pageant: Chapter 4 p. 66 83 Which economic feature most

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American Pageant: Chapter 4 p. 66 - 83

  1. Which economic feature most differentiated the Southern colonies?

The Unhealthy Chesapeake

  1. What were the effects of the gender imbalance in the Chesapeake?

  2. When did Virginia finally begin to increase its population through natural reproduction?

  3. List the 3 most populous colonies by the 18th century.

The Tobacco Economy

  1. What did indentured servants receive for their service?

  2. What was the head-right system?

  3. How did the headright system give moderately wealthy planters a huge head start?

  4. As the 17th century continued, was indentured servitude a true path to prosperity? Explain.

Frustrated Freemen and Bacon’s Rebellion

  1. What was the immediate cause of Bacon’s Rebellion?

  2. What effect did Bacon’s Rebellion have on planters’ ideas of where to get labor?

Colonial Slavery

  1. Where did most slaves arrive?

  2. Why did most colonists not buy slaves?

  3. What are the three factors that led planters to import more slaves than servants after 1680?

  4. What was the “middle passage”? (look at the picture on page 70)

  5. Describe the Virginia Slave Codes.

Africans in America

  1. What differences existed between the slave experience in the Chesapeake and that in the SC low country?

  2. What is Gullah?

  3. What kind of labor did most slaves provide?

  4. Describe the New York City Slave Revolt of 1712.

  5. Describe the Stono Rebellion of 1739.

Southern Society

  1. Draw a social structure pyramid of the South as it is described in the text.

  2. What resulted from the lack of cities and towns in the South?

The New England Family

  1. In contrast to the unhealthy climate of the Chesapeake, how did the climate in New England impact life expectancy?

  2. How soon after settlement did the population of New England begin natural reproduction?

  3. What factors contributed to strong families in New England?

  4. Considering the right to own property, were women in New England better off than those in the Chesapeake?

Life in New England Towns

  1. What explains the development of strong communities in New England?

  2. What was required of towns with more than fifty families in Massachusetts?

  3. Which college was founded first? Harvard or William and Mary?

  4. Describe a New England town meeting.

The Half-Way Covenant and the Salem Witch Trials

  1. What was jerimaid?

  2. What was the Half-Way Covenant?

  3. What did jeremiads and the Half Way Covenant reveal about religious fervor in the second generation of Puritans?

  4. Describe the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

  5. What did the witch-hunt reveal about the effects of Yankee commercialism?

  6. What do witch-hunts imply about society today?

The New England Way of Life

  1. How did the climate of New England affect ethnic diversity?

  2. How did the climate affect the economy?

  3. How did New England colonists justify taking Indian lands?

  4. List the different types of livestock the English introduced.

  5. Why did shipbuilding and fishing become so important to the region?

The Early Settlers’ Days and Ways

  1. How did Americans’ standard of living compare with that of Europe in the 18th century?

  2. Which regions were the most egalitarian?

  3. What do Bacon’s Rebellion and Leisler’s Rebellion reveal about how the colonial experience altered British American expectations for equality?

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