American Pageant Chapter 18 p. 390 – 408

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American Pageant Chapter 18 p. 390 – 408

  1. What question was raised once again with the acquisition of the Mexican Cession?

  2. How did the issue affect the Democratic and Whig parties?

The Popular Sovereignty Panacea

  1. What would happen to the nation if the parties divided?

  2. What was Lewis Cass’s position on extending slavery into the new territories?

  3. Why was popular sovereignty appealing (four reasons)?

  4. What was the one defect of popular sovereignty?

Political Triumph for General Taylor

  1. Why did Whigs try NOT to make slavery an issue during the election?

  2. What new party attempted to address the issue of slavery in the territories?

  3. What was the platform of this party?

  4. Which elements of the former Whigs and Democrats found a home in this new party?

“Free soil, free labor, free men.”

  1. Was their position on free soil based solely on concern for the slaves?

  2. Which party would arise six years later with the same views regarding extending slavery?

  3. Who won the Election of 1848?

  4. Which Third Party influenced the outcome?

Californy Gold”

  1. What happened in California in early 1848?

  2. What type of individuals “rushed” to California?

  3. What types of crime made statehood urgent?

  4. When California applied for statehood, who did they apply to?

Sectional Balance and the Underground Railroad

  1. What disagreements arose around the extension of slavery in the territories taken from Mexico?

  2. What lucrative trading post did Texas want included in its borders?

  3. Describe the disagreement over slavery in the District of Columbia.

  4. Describe the Underground Railroad.

  5. Who was Harriet Tubman?

  6. What were the southerners demanding to deal with the problem of runaways?

  7. Why were abolitionists’ attitudes particularly galling?

  8. How did most blacks gain their freedom during this time period?

Twilight of the Senatorial Giants

  1. What was the Nashville convention going to consider?

  2. Which three Senators addressed the crisis?

  3. Summarize the opinion of Clay:

  4. Summarize the opinion of Calhoun:

  5. Summarize the position of Webster:

  6. What was the Seventh of March Speech?

  7. Which group stood to lose millions if the South seceded?

  8. What happened to Webster’s support among free-soilers and abolitionists?

Deadlock and Danger on Capitol Hill

  1. Describe the Young Guard.

  2. Who represented the views of the Young Guard?

  3. What was “higher law”?

  4. How might Seward’s reference to a “higher law” have affected the Southerners?

Breaking the Congressional Logjam

  1. Who became president when Taylor died in office?

  2. How did Taylor’s death help the compromise succeed?

  3. Which section initially had the hardest time compromising?

Balancing the Compromise Scales

  1. Why did the North get the better deal?

  2. Which feature of the Compromise backfired and enraged Northerners?

  3. Why was it called a “Man-Stealing Law?”

  4. Which groups rank swelled as a result of the law?

  5. What were personal liberty laws?

  6. How were the personal liberty laws similar to nullification?

  7. What might have happened if the showdown had come in 1850, not 1860?

Defeat and Doom for the Whigs

  1. In the Election of 1852, why did the southern Democrats accept Franklin Pierce?

  2. What issue divided the Whigs?

  3. What were the significant results of the Election of 1852 for political history?

Expansionist Stirrings South of the Boarder

  1. Why was the US interested in Central America?

  2. What did Columbia promise in 1848?

  3. What was the Clayton Bulwer Treaty?

  4. Why did the South hope to accomplish in Central America?

  5. Who was William Walker and what did he hope to do?

  6. What were the Southern interests in Cuba?

  7. Describe the Ostend Manifesto.

  8. What happened to Southern determination to expand slave territory in the 1840s?

Pacific Railroad Promoters and the Gadsden Purchase

  1. Describe the Gadsden Purchase

  2. What were the advantages of a southern route for the transcontinental railroad?

  3. How did the North respond to the problem of organizing territory for a northern route?

Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Scheme

  1. Who was Stephen A. Douglas?

  2. What were Douglas’s personal interests in the northern route?

  3. How did Douglas propose that Kansas and Nebraska deal with the issue of slavery?

  4. What previous agreement would this have repealed?

  5. What was effect of the Kansas Nebraska Act on civil debate on Congress?

  6. What did Douglas fail to appreciate about Northern opinion?

Congress Legislates a Civil War

  1. What was the effect of the Kansas-Nebraska Act on the Democratic Party?

  2. What new political party originated in the Midwest?

  3. Who joined this new party?

  4. What were the sectional limits of the party?

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