American Literature Mary Rowlandson

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American Literature – Mary Rowlandson P. 38

  1. What was the King Philip’s War?

  1. How did the Puritans explain this war?

  1. What caused the most severe war in the history of New England?

  1. Mary Rowlandson’s husband was the congregational ____________________________of Lancaster.

  1. Why did the Wampanoag raiding part capture Mary and her three children?

  1. How long did Mary live in captivitiy?

  1. Rowlandson’s narrative not only presents a terrifying and moving tale of _____________but also provides insight into how the Puritans viewed their lives with a characteristic__________. For Rowlandson, as for other Puritans, events had both a ______________and a _______________significance.

  1. For what two reasons did Rowlandson write her narrative?

(p. 39)

9. An _____________________is a reference to someone or something that is known from history, literature, religion, politics, sports, science, or some toher branch of culture.

10. By 1675 how many settlers were there in New Enlgand?

11. How many American Indians were there?

12. When Lancaster was attacked settlers were shot, stabbed and hatcheted.

How many were killed?_______________How many were taken? ___________________

The Move to an Indian Village on the Ware River, Near Braintree – Feb 12-27 pp. 40-43

Learn the following words that are defined in this section:

Wearisome, tedious, lamentable, entreated, plunder, melancholy

  1. How is Rowlandson transported to the Indian village?

  1. What is Rowlandson’s and her child’s physical condition?

  1. Look at the second column on p. 40. How do you think Rowlandson felt in this situation?

  1. After nine days of no food Rowlandson is told to take her child to another wigwam. What happens?

  1. Why does Rowlandson think God is wonderfully good?

  1. Who is her “master” and what does that mean?

  1. What do the Indians do with her child?

  1. We learn that Rowlandson has two other children. Where are thy?

  1. Rowlandson identifies her suffering with the ______________characters. On p. 41 she identifies with _______________whom God made suffer to test his belief, despite his obedience to God.

She also identifies with _______who has many children that are not with him.

  1. She prays to God for some sign and hope of some relief. How does she believe God answered her prayers?

56The Fifth Remove/ The Sixth Remove/ The Move to the Ashuelot Valley. New Hampshire 9pp. 43-45

Learn the following words that are defined in this section: decrepit, savory, affliction, bewitching

  1. Why does the group move its location again?

  1. During the move why was Rowlandson favored in how much she had to carry and what was she not allowed to have?

  1. After the sixth move what does Rowlandson do that her captors had never seen her do? Why does she do this? How do they react?

  1. She is taken to see King Philip. What does he ask her to do and how does he pay her? What does she do with the payment?

  1. At this point in the narrative Rowlandson’s relationship with her captors changes. Explain how it changes.

  1. Rowlandson is given permission to visit her son who is about a mile away. Why does she believe God has been good to her?

  1. How does Rowlandson’s attitude toward food change while she is a captive?

  1. Answer question #5 on p. 46 in your text.

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