American Indians in Texas Project You may choose one

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American Indians in Texas Project

You may choose one of the following options to show your understanding of American Indians of Texas. You may use your textbook, spiral notes, and the internet for information. This is a test grade. All projects are due October16, 2015. We will spend class time on these, but some additional time will need to be spent at home! Options with ** denote choices that will need much more extensive time spent at home.

1. Illustrated Guide to American Indians in Texas- This book must include information on the following topics: each of the 4 regions, at least 1 Native American group from each region, resources found in each region, an example of the shelter used by the groups, and example of the food source of each group, an example of clothing worn , and any other interesting information. The book will be made of Manila paper and fully illustrated including outlining and color.

2. **Tri-fold Poster Project- This will need to be done on a large tri-fold project board. The left side fold will need to include information on the geography of Texas, such as the 4 major regions and resources. The middle section will need to include information on at least 4 Native American groups,(one from each region) information will include how they used their resources for food, clothing, and shelter. The right side fold may be used for pictures, drawings, or other examples about one or more tribes. This could also be used to give other interesting facts about the tribes not covered in the middle section of the tri-fold. (REASEARCH TIME WILL BE ALLOTED AT SCHOOL, BUT PROJECT WILL NEED TO BE ASSEMBLED AT HOME

3. )**Diorama and Report- Make a diorama (3-D representation) of a Native American group. Diorama must include resources found in their region, an example of the shelter used by the group, and example of the food source of the group, an example of clothing worn (can be done in paper cut out or using a doll or action figure). A written report must also accompany the diorama and explain each of the items included in the project. (RESEARCH AND REPORT CAN BE DONE AT SCHOOL, BUT DIORAMA MUST BE ASSEMBLED AT HOME)

4. **Living History- Pick an American Indian tribe from Texas. You will write a research paper about the tribe. You will dress up AS APERSON FROM THAT TRIBE and present your report to the class. Information must include the following: region in Texas where the tribe lived, how the tribe used the resources to meet their needs for food, clothing and shelter, and explain the costume you have chosen to wear. (ALL COSTUME AND PROPS WILL NEED TO BE DONE AT HOME.)

Please complete and return the bottom section by Friday, October 9th:

Student Name______________________________________________________________

Project Selection__________________________________________________________

I approve my child’s project choice and am willing to help with the at home work if he/she chose a project requiring time or material to complete.

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