American History X -film forløb I Klasse, Taskbased Pretask

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American History X -film - forløb i 9. Klasse, Taskbased
Pretask (activating pre knowledge about racism and family structures.

Practicing conversation skills):

  1. Show “Dinner conversation” scene from the movie (Youtube)

  2. Talk about communication, both verbally and body language (what is body language and how does it show in the movie clip?)

  3. Watch the clip again

  4. What is Derek’s opinion in the first place?

  5. Argumentation -How does the father convince Derek that he is right? What ploys (kneb) does he use?

  6. What is your impression of the family so far how is there relationship?

  7. What does your family mean to you.

While task: (wathing the movie)
Notice new vocabulary. Notice the family members interaction.
Post task:

Did your impression on the family stick?

Why did the boys end up the way they did?

The way the leader manipulates with the new nazis

Talk about vocabulary used in the movie - did you notice any new words?

(Give the students a glossary list) put the words into new sentences.

Write an essay on one of the topics form the movie e.g. Racism is still a big problem in the world! Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Eleverne skal bruge skabelonen “opinion essay outline”

What is the movie be about?


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