American History The Early Days part 3 Name

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American History The Early Days part 3
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  1. Describe what happened between the Aztecs and Spanish Conquistadors.

  1. Describe what happened between the Inca and Spanish Conquistadors?

  1. What are four things to know about Spanish settlements in the New World?

  1. What do we remember Ponce de Leon for?

  1. What do we remember De Soto for?

  1. What are the interesting parts of the tale of de Vaca?

  1. What was Coronado searching for?

  1. What was encomienda and how did it affect Natives?

  1. What was the role of the Catholic Church in New Spain? How was Las Casas approach different?

  1. How did the Reformation affect the Race for Empires and relations between European powers?

  1. What happened in the battle of England and the Spanish Armada? What would be the lasting results?

  1. In the search for the Northwest Passage, describe each explorers impact.

    1. Cabot

    1. Cartier

    1. Hudson

    1. Verrazano

  1. What were the first two areas explored by Sir Walter Raleigh’s expeditions? What did he call the first area? What was the first colony (attempt)?

  1. Where would the Huguenots settle? What was their fate?

  1. What did Samuel de Champlain explore?

  1. Where did Marquette and Joliet explore? How did La Salle finish the job?

  1. What was the relationship between the French and Natives like?

  1. Where did the Dutch settle? What is the story of Peter Minuit and the sale of Manhattan Island?

  1. Where was New Sweden and what was its fate?

  1. What were the Portuguese role in the New World? The Russians?

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