American Government Bensalem High School

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Room 228E

American Government

Bensalem High School

Instructor: Mrs. Pension


This course aims to help you become educated and informed members of society with a deeper understanding of the way in which our country is run. We will also analyze other types of governments found worldwide and how they operate.


By the end of this class, it is my goal that you:

  • Know how to register to vote.

  • Know how to participate in local, state, and federal governments.

  • Know your rights and responsibilities as an American.

  • Know how to access objective and factual information.

  • Know how to explain the functions of the various branches of government and how they work together.


  • Be prompt. Be on time to class and in submitting assignments.

  • Be prepared. Bring everything you need everyday.

  • Be positive. Attitude is everything.

  • Be productive. Always do your best.

  • Be polite. We will follow all BTSD school rules.


Honors American Government is aligned with Bensalem High School’s unified grading policy. All marking period grades will be composed of these elements:


  1. A three ring binder specific to only this class.

  2. Something to write with

  3. Internet access

Course Content

  1. Foundations of Government

    • What is Government?

    • Origins of American Government

    • Governments Around the World

  2. The Constitution

    • Creation

    • Structure and Content

    • The 3 Branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial

    • The Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties

  3. Voting, Rights, and Responsibilities

    • How To Vote

    • Rights of American Teens

    • Civic Duties

  4. Media and Elections

    • Media Outlets

    • Propaganda

    • How Elections Work

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” -James Madison

Bensalem High School

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