American Cultures Ms. Wilus Chapter 16 World War Looms Dictators Threaten World Peace (Pages 528 – 535) Objectives

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American Cultures

Ms. Wilus

Chapter 16 World War Looms
Dictators Threaten World Peace (Pages 528 – 535)


  • Analyze the types of governments that took power in Russia, Germany, Italy and Japan after WWI

  • Describe the details of America’s turn to isolationism in the 1930’s

Nationalism Grips Europe and Asia

1.) In what countries did totalitarian governments come to power?

2.) What was the goal of the militarists who took control of Japan?

3.) How did the League of Nations respond to aggression?

The US responds cautiously

4.) What type of foreign policy did the United States adopt after WWI?

5.) What laws did Congress pass regarding foreign policy issues?

6.) Why did many Americans have difficulty with a policy of neutrality? (Hint: FDR)

War in Europe (Pages 536-541)


Austria and Czechoslovakia Fall

7.) What aggressive foreign policy actions did Hitler take when he came to power?

8.) How did Britain and France respond to Hitler’s actions?
The German Offensive Begins

9.) What action freed Hitler to invade Poland?

10.) What new tactics did Germany use in attacking Poland?

11.) What was the “phony war”?

Britain and France Fight on

12.) What happened to France after the “phony war”?

13.) What was Britain‘s situation at the end of 1940?

14.) What was the result of the Battle of Britain?

The Holocaust (Pages 542-549)


  • Explain the reasons behind the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews and the problems facing Jewish refugees

  • Describe the Nazis’ “final solution” to the Jewish problem and the horrors of the Holocaust

  • Synthesize the profound and lasing effects of the holocaust on survivors

The Persecution Begins

15.) What did the Nazis do to the Jews after taking power?

16.) Why was it almost impossible for Jews to escape from Germany?
Hitler’s “Final Solution”

17.) What was the goal of the “final solution”?

18.) What did the Nazis do to the Jews?( Hint: How were they treated?)

19.) How did the Nazis industrialize the killing of the Jews?

The Final Stage

20.) What other brutalities took place in concentration camps?

21.) How have the holocaust survivors been affected by their experience?
America Moves Toward War ( Pages 550-557)


  • Describe the US response to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939

  • Explain how FDR assisted the Allies without declaring war

  • Summarize the events that brought the US into armed conflict with Germany

  • Describe the US response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

The United States Musters Its Forces

22.) What did the US do after WWII began in Europe?

23.) How did the formation of the Axis alliance affect the United States?
The Great Arsenal of Democracy”

24.) How did FDR help the allies?

25.) Why were some Americans opposed to providing aid to the USSR?

26.) What did the Germans do that threatened Roosevelt’s lend-lease program?

FDR Plans for War

27.) What was the Atlantic Charter?

28.) How did the US end up in a undeclared war with Germany?
Japan Attacks the United States

29.) Why was Japan on a collision course with the United States?

30.) What event brought America’s entry into WWII?

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