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The New Deal, 1933–1941


Results of the quiz.

1. Public works programs were government-funded programs designed to

  • CORRECT: build or improve roads, parks, and airports.

2. New Deal programs were most helpful to

  • CORRECT: white men.

3. Which New Deal program was created to offer payments to people who could not support themselves?

  • CORRECT: Social Security

4. FDR supported the arts by

  • CORRECT: setting aside WPA funds for artists.

5. One way Eleanor Roosevelt helped FDR was by

  • CORRECT: reporting to him on how people were reacting to New Deal programs.

6. One of the New Deal's most enduring legacies was

  • CORRECT: restoration of a sense of hope to the country.

7. Roosevelt's regular public radio addresses to the nation were known as the

  • CORRECT: fireside chats.

8. What is federal deficit spending?

9. John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath was about

  • CORRECT: migrant farmers in the Dust Bowl era.

10. Frances Perkins and Mary McLeod Bethune were

  • CORRECT: high-ranking women in the Roosevelt administration.

11. The Wagner Act legalized collective bargaining and "closed shops," which are workplaces

  • CORRECT: open only to union members.

12. During the New Deal, labor unions

  • CORRECT: grew in size and power.

13. In order to influence the Supreme Court, FDR tried to

  • CORRECT: appoint judges favoring the New Deal.

14. Progressives attacked the New Deal for

  • CORRECT: not doing enough to help poor people.

15. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was a federal project that controlled

  • CORRECT: flooding on the Tennessee River.

16. The FDIC and the SEC, both started under Roosevelt's administration, are federal

  • CORRECT: financial organizations.

17. Federal revenue is

  • CORRECT: total government income.

18. Why were FDR's public works programs morale boosters for their participants?

  • CORRECT: The programs provided jobs for the unemployed.

19. The recession of 1937 was caused in part by

  • CORRECT: reduced government spending on New Deal programs.

20. A main goal of the New Deal was to

  • CORRECT: create jobs.

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