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Animal Farm Allegory Organizer

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Read the paragraph summaries for each linked Web page. Watch the animoto videos. Click on at least one of the linked Web pages to read more information. Then, complete the following graphic organizer.

Name of Wiki Page

Brief Summary of Information that you learned regarding the Russian Revolution,

Stalinist Russia, or any of the main leaders during this time

Connection to Animal Farm

Which character, event, place, or idea from the novel is allegorical or metaphorical for this person, event, place, or idea from Russian history?

Brief comparison of information learned about Russian history to the novel


Kulaks were rich Russian peasants who Stalin wanted gone and liquidated as a class because they threatened his power.

The kulaks represent the hens in Animal Farm.

The kulaks were rebels of Stalin like the hens were by destroying their eggs.

Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky was a genius that was a genius who was put in jail for his terrible ideas which were actually good. His ideas were to help everyone until he was driven to jail and his ideas were replaced by evil ways.

Leon Trotsky represents Snowball in Animal Farm.

Leon Trotsky was full of good ideas that benefited everyone just like Snowball

Wheat or Grain, and Stalin

Stalin took away wheat, grain, and other foods from the Ukraine peasants to starve them.

Stalin represents Napoleon in Animal Farm. Wheat and Grain represent the hen’s eggs.

Both Napoleon and Stalin starved people on purpose. Napoleon starved the hens and Stalin starved the Ukraine peasants.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was a fierce and murderous dictator of Soviet Russia under communism. He was always hungry for more power.

Joseph Stalin represents Napoleon in Animal Farm.

Joseph Stalin and Napoleon both executed people that went against them. They also both became dictators when they should not have been based on the people that created their new way of life (Karl Marx and Old Major).


Vladimir Lenin was the beginning of communism and he was promoting the ideas of pure communism where everyone is equal just like Karl Marx wanted.

Old Major

Lenin wanted equality for everyone for pure communism before he died. Also, Old Major wanted pure animalism for everyone before he died.


Karl Marx created the idea of equality through communism. His idea was changed by leaders such as Stalin and he faded from a hero to a memory.

Old Major

Karl Marx and Old Major both proposed ideas that could have been great and could have resulted in equality, if someone hungry for power did not ruin the great idea. Both faded to a memory.

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