Alexander the great was born on the 26

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Alexander the great was born on the 26th of July 356 BC in Macedonia. He was the son of King Philip the II. He was taught by the best teachers and trainers, he was fearless and strong, extremely brave. When he was 16 he was given command of Macedonia and by the age of 22 he became King of Macedonia. He was the king for 13 years before he passed away. In Egypt he was named Pharoah, to the Egyptians meant god.

Alexander did not yell commands at his subjects or sent them to battle. He was always leading the attack and directing it. He fought with his comrades in the think of the battle and they never lost.

Some people believe that alexander the great was a war-crazed guy, who destroyed city’s just so he could rule them. He defeated and concord ½ of the world, however each city concord, he set them free. When they had a different religion he let them practice their believes, if they were slaves he granted them their freedom. After he did these acts he gained their loyalty. Any other king in that time would tolerate to do such a thing. Egyptians made him Pharoah in which means; god.

The young alexander knew he would take his father’s place as king one day. When he realized to be a good king he would have to educate himself. He carefully listened to each and every one of his teachers, and learned a lot at a very young age. This made him smarter than an average king, and was able to outsmart his enemies with his brain.

Alexander watched his father army head out fir battles. When it was time for him to go out into battles he was prepared for any challenge. When he was at battle he had these long serias “spears” so they had a better chance of wining. These spears were 2.6 pounds and were hard to move.

Alexander had a vision when he was child; to conquer the world. He did this faster than anyone could have expected. He believed in himself and by May 334 was his first great battle. His vision became reality.

Alexander was a great leader. He did what he felt right and followed no one. He thought it better to have people on your side—it makes things a lot easier.

However during a drunken argument he killed his officer and loyal friend Black Cleitus, a man who had saved his life.

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