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Justinian tried to revive the roman in the Byzantine Empire. He adopted forms of government, arts and architecture, and trade methods from Rome. Justinian tried to bring the Roman Empire in Byzantine and preserved Roman culture for long after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Justinian’s rule was a strategic on like those of many Roman emperors. As stated in document two Justinian was clever, hypocritical, lying all the time, and had the ability to mask his true opinions. Justinian made it seem to the public as though he believed one thing and in reality believed another thing and that made the people think better of him as did many Roman emperors. Document five shows the fortifications and buildings of Constantinople. Justinian was said to be a good builder and that was a key part to the success of the Byzantine Empire. Justinain had a triple fortified wall built around Constantinople to protect from enemies. Also he had chains in the surrounding water to tear the bottoms of attacking ships. Constantinople was located on a peninsula between two great bodies of water which made people pass through when trading, granting Constantinople power of trade between Asia, Africa, and Europe.

In the Byzantine Empire Justinian preserved Roman ways in what was called “the new Rome.” Document three states that Justinian’s rule was like those of roman emperors. As stated in document three, in a physical sense Justinian is equal to all men but in the sense of his ruling power he is equal to a god “who rules all.” This was similar to the way emperors ruled in Rome where they were all-powerful and were worshiped as gods by the people. Document six shows the size that the Byzantine Empire reached under the rule of Justinian. As illustrated in document six Byzantine conquered and took over very much land under Justinian’s rule. Byzantine territory spanned throughout parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe, as did Roman territory. This gave them the power to control trade between these places because in order for them to trade they had to go through Byzantine. This power was very similar to the power that Rome had over other countries.

Justinian tried to keep the Roman culture and ways going in the Byzantine Empire. Justinian ruled like earlier roman emperors, and revived the Roman Empire in the Byzantine Empire. Justinian preserved Roman culture for long after the Roman Empire fell in hopes that the new Rome would be as strong as the last.

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