Aim: Why did Europeans colonize in America? Objectives

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AIM: Why did Europeans colonize in America?


Motivation: Has anyone ever moved before? Why did you move?
Debunk Christopher Columbus.

Who was he and why is he important – debunked.

Why did exploration happen then and not before the 1500’s?

What innovations existed?

Renaissance stressed use of creativity

Gradual increase in scientific knowledge

Why did religious conflicts motivate exploration

How did these factors influence exploration?

Iberian Peninsula

Protestant Revolt

Germany, France, England, Holland revolted against power and authority of the Pope and of Rome

  • Desire for others in the world to share similar beliefs – get to them first

How did the desire for trade stimulate exploration?

Competition for European nations to increase trade with Asia (India and China)

Routes through Venice made difficult by the fall of Constantinople and the rise of the Ottomans.

South along Africa or West across Atlantic

How did Europe’s changing political environment also foster exploration?

Emergence of Nation States – where the majority of the people share both a common culture and common political loyalties toward the central government

Monarchs needed to justify their rule

What problems might these explorations bring? Problems for who?

Are these good reasons for exploration (especially after taking in the harm and danger of exploration into consideration?

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