Aero 2010 poised to be a major success

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General Aviation fully represented at AERO in Friedrichshafen, April 8 - 11, 2010 - 497 exhibitors from 26 countries - 45% international exhibitor participation

AERO 2010 poised to be a major success

Friedrichshafen, Germany. AERO has further extended its leading position in Europe and is poised for success in 2010. From April 8 to 11, some 497 exhibitors from 26 countries will take part in the first annual edition of the Global Show for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen on splendid shores of Lake Constance. Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and AERO Project Director Thomas Grunewald are pleased about the "extraordinarily large number of participating exhibitors" and the fact that 45 percent of these companies are from outside Germany. The entire spectrum of General Aviation will be on display in nine halls and on the already substantially booked outdoor exhibition grounds.

"With AERO, we´re offering the General Aviation industry a powerful marketing tool in which it has developed a great deal of confidence in the industry over the past number of years. For many of industry customers, it´s a persuasive reason to exhibit, and to react to these challenging economic times in an anti-cyclical manner." With these words, Thomas Grunewald stressed how important it is for manufacturers, suppliers and accessories providers to market themselves aggressively even in difficult times.
The range of products in Friedrichshafen includes hang gliders, ultra light aircraft, gliders and motorized aircraft to turboprops, business jets and helicopters. Two successful exhibition premieres at the AERO 2009 will continue to be featured this year. The "E-Flight Expo" - the "E" standing for Electrical, Ecological, Evolutionary - will once again showcase alternative propulsion concepts at AERO. And the highly successful Helicopter Hangar will host even more exhibitors from the helicopter industry, as well as serve as the venue for its own Helicopter Forum event series.
With 450 exhibitors from 25 countries and with non-German companies making up nearly 50 percent of exhibitors, AERO 2010 will convincingly meet the high expectations for its new annual format, even in the first year. Once again, the largest number of international exhibitors will be from the United States.

An international range at AERO

Once again, the largest national contingent of participating exhibitors from outside of Germany is from the United States, with a total of 36 companies. Several US manufacturers will take the opportunity to present themselves before the international audience of industry insiders attending this leading General Aviation event, located in the picturesque region shared by Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, the successful partnership between the team from AERO and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), representing America´s amateur aircraft makers, has ensured that the dates of each organization´s key industry event - AERO 2010 and the EAA´s Sun n´ Fun - complement each other perfectly.

Aviation facts and figures

General Aviation includes all civil aviation other than scheduled and charter traffic. According to EU figures, there are more than 200,000 registered motorized aircraft, ultralight aircraft and gliders within the European Union alone. Sales of GA airplanes and helicopters, along with services and accessories in the field of General Aviation, are very substantial in Europe each year. In Germany, for instance, the number of pilot licenses (known as sport aircraft licenses) issued to those in the ultralight aircraft scene is steadily growing. In addition, Germany´s glider manufacturers are world leaders in their segment, and a few of the country´s manufacturers of ultralight aircraft and machinery for America´s light sport aircraft category are among world leaders.
The second edition of E-Flight Expo
What can an ecologically outfitted aircraft that uses no fossil fuels look like? The second edition of E-Flight Expo will once again explore answers to this fascinating question. Once the stuff of pipe dreams, electric aircraft powered by batteries, solar cells or fuel cells are now a reality. At AERO 2010, such innovative aircraft will be on display, and even be demonstrated as part of the air show program. Meanwhile, at the E-Flight Forums, the theoretical background of this environmentally friendly form of motorized flight will be presented. The E-Flight Expo will be organized by Messe Friedrichshafen in collaboration with the World Directory of Leisure Aviation and Willi Tacke. For more information, visit
Helicopter Hangar has rotary wing aircraft covered
Following its successful premiere last year, the Helicopter Hangar will be on an even larger scale at AERO 2010. Helicopter Hangar organizer Rainer Herzberg promises there will not only be more exhibitors in April, but comprehensive information for those interested in starting a career as a helicopter pilot, as well. A helicopter training workshop will demonstrate that the helicopter field offers a much greater variety of careers than simply piloting. Visitors will get a good look, for example, at what is in involved in training to become a helicopter mechanic. Representatives from Germany´s military and law enforcement services will also be on hand. The Helicopter Forum will feature fascinating presentations on such topics as helicopter rescue operations both at sea and in the mountains, and helicopter acrobatics.
The AERO CONFERENCES will feature several high-caliber presentations and discussions. Among them will be a speech by Craig Fuller, the newly appointed president of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA). The IAOPA is the most influential umbrella organization of national associations of owners and pilots. Among its members is the AOPA-Germany, which will also be present at AERO. Further, the first edition of the European Air Ambulance Meeting will take place as part of the AERO CONFERENCES.
Strategic partners
AERO has formed a strategic partnership with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), founded by America´s amateur aircraft makers. Other partnering associations for AERO 2010 include the Deutsche Aero Club (DAeC), the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA), and the German General Aviation association (Verband der Allgemeine Luftfahrt e.V.). Germany´s helicopter association (Der Deutsche Hubschrauber Verband), its association of commercial pilot schools (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsfliegerschulen) and its national association of General Aviation companies (BBAL) will also be represented.

Ultralights, light sport aircraft and gliders

The ultralight aircraft manufacturing industry is traditionally very strongly represented at AERO. This year, they will be joined by planes from the Light Sport Aircraft class. Learning to fly these single-engine machines is relatively easy and aero-medical licensing requirements are less demanding than those for conventional licenses. Several of the European manufacturers exhibiting at AERO are already actively engaged in the North American market. In addition, intensive efforts are being made to establish a comparable European Light Aircraft class. Gyrocopters, which may be flown by those with an ultralight pilot license, have become a big trend in Europe. Numerous manufacturers will be showcasing their latest gyrocopters at AERO, along with several producers of gliders and power gliders.
Singles and twins
Among the conventional classic types of general aviation is single and twin-engine aircraft with piston engines. They are the backbone of the motorized civil aviation. All major U.S. and European manufacturers in this segment will be represented at AERO. The producers of single-engine two-seater aircraft - known as Very Light aircraft - will also be on hand. Unlike the ultralights, these aircraft may weigh up to 750 kg at takeoff and may only be flown by private pilot license holders.
Business aviation
AERO is increasingly becoming a magnet for buyers of business aircraft. Such European and American made aircraft with piston engines will be showcased, as well as those with single and twin jet engines, light jets and helicopters.
Air show on Saturday and Sunday
As always at AERO, the big air show on Saturday and Sunday will be a major crowd pleaser. This year, the show will even feature two different formations of gliders performing synchronized acrobatic feats. The airshow program will also include war birds such as the P38 Lightning and other vintage airplanes. In addition, spectacular aerial maneuvers will also be executed by an Extra 330 and its model plane imitator. A sensational demonstration in a Bo-105 helicopter will prove that even rotary wing aircraft are capable of breath-taking acrobatic performances. The air show will begin at 1:30 PM and end at 3:30 PM each day. For those visitors flying themselves to AERO, an online slot allotment system has been in place since March 28. All information regarding flight approach procedures during the trade show are available at
AERO now held annually
In 2010, the first annual edition of AERO will take place, beginning of Thursday, April 8 and ending on Sunday, April 11 2010, between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 9 AM and 4 PM on Sunday. For further information, visit

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