A&e biography: Charles Dickens Guided Notes

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A&E Biography: Charles Dickens

Guided Notes

  1. The tales of Charles Dickens have been popular for over a century. What is it about Dickens's work that makes it so enduring and memorable?

  1. Charles Dickens's work coincided with the height of the Industrial Revolution.

  1. How did this historic era influence Dickens's life and work?

  1. How did Dickens's relationship with his parents and his boyhood influence his writings?

  1. Charles Dickens created some of the most memorable characters in the history of the written word. How did Dickens get the ideas for these characters? Are they purely fictional?

  1. The first works of Dickens were published as serials. How did this method of publication contribute to Dickens's popularity and success as a writer?

  1. Today the Yuletide traditions of Christmas trees and gift-giving are well established. But in they were just becoming popular in nineteenth century England. How did Dickens's endearing work, A Christmas Carol, contribute to the establishment of Yuletide traditions?

  1. Charles Dickens's success was everything he had dreamed of as a boy and more, yet he was an intensely unhappy man. What made Dickens so unhappy?

  1. How did Dickens’ melancholy influence his work?

  1. How did Dickens internalize the world around him?

  1. What is the legacy of Charles Dickens?

  1. How did Dickens’ life change the world?

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