Advanced placement u. S. History 2013-2014 Assignment Schedule # 1 Week 1 August 14-16

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Assignment Schedule # 1


Week 1 August 14-16


Wednesday         Personal Information/ Mr. K’s Personal Power Point; Handout: Course Outline;


Still not sure if AP is for you?

Go to Look at this website (with your parents if they have any other questions about the program.) There are lots of tips about college decisions, practice tests and prepping for the AP tests later on. Don’t forget this is available to you.

Handouts from the College Board: “About AP” “Why Participate?”

Handout: “The Worthless Ivy League?” From Newsweek Magazine, November 1, 1999 page 45. Read this and be ready to discuss the author’s conclusions about what makes a good college (and high school) education .

Handout: Advanced Placement Contracts. Please review these with your parents, sign both copies and return one copy to me by Monday.


                               Prep. American Pageant (AP) textbook Chapters 1-5 This was your “Summer Assignment”. Hopefully you have taken care of that and will be ready to grade the Guidebook Chapters 1-5 sections B-F on Friday

Handout: "Identification Set #1  All the ID sets for the entire year are on the Walther website at Go to “Homework” and look for APUSH.

  • Check out You’ll be amazed at the fun ways it has to learn your ID terms. Type “AP U.S. History” into the search box to get a variety of topics


Reminder: There will be a quiz on chapters 1-5 next Friday as per the Summer Assignment.

 Assignment: Write a 2 page essay for Wednesday August 21.

“Throughout the Colonial period, economic concerns had more to do with settling of British North America than did religious concerns.” Assess the validity of this statement with specific reference to economic and religious concerns..

“Massacre or Battle?” Tribune reprint

Thursday: Discuss the “Ivy League” essay . . (Lecture on the "Hamburger/5 paragraph essay.) Receive Handout on essay writing. View the power point presentation on Essay Writing Handout: Rosholt’s “Do s and Don'ts in Essay Writing                 

Friday Prep: Guidebook Chapters 1-5 Sections B-F. Review material as we go through the answers.  

  Prep:. Return your contracts today please. Equation Analysis Test in groups if time allows.

Week 2 August 19-23

Monday     Activity: “How to write an Essay in 5 minutes” We’ll try to do this type of exercise each week so that you will become very comfortable expressing your ideas on paper and then backing them up with relevant historical facts. Together in class, we’ll write up a thesis sentence and a “Treasure Chest” of terms that will help you answer the free-response essay question: “Although the thirteen American colonies were founded at different times by people with different motives and with different forms of colonial charters and political organization, by the Revolution, the thirteen colonies had become remarkably similar. Assess this.  (Set up a 2 column chart: “Differences / Similarities between colonies”

  Document-Based Assessment for U.S. History Activity #1 Introduction to the DBQ (Document Based Questions) #1 Clash of Cultures Read the documents, answer the questions. Write your essay (Part B) Work in groups of 4-5


Tuesday        Handout: "The Last of the Mohicans" film study guide. Due Monday, August 26. BE SURE YOU HAVE READ CHAPTER 6 "The Duel for North America" BEFORE VIEWING THIS FILM. (Or you will probably be very confused) Don’t forget to bring popcorn when viewing this excellent movie at your house or a group of friends! Last year the entire class watched it at one student’s home. I have the DVD you can borrow for such an event.)

Looking ahead. This assignment is due next Monday: A two page synopsis on Edmund S. Morgan's "Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox" in Michael Perman's book, Perspectives on the American Past pp. 52-62 on reserve in the library. "Reserve" here means that you may use it only in the library or check it out after school and return it before 1st period the next day. Please respect your fellow students by following these rules. Be prepared to discuss Morgan's work in class.

  Lecture: Colonial differences between New England, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. Handout: Mapwork on the Colonies

Wednesday Prep: Essay about colonial economic / religious influences Discuss Massachusetts Bay Colony, Pennsylvania. Filmstrip: Colonial America - Religious Havens" OR Film 973 PIL “The Pilgrim Frontier and/or Puritans on the English Frontier” 

Handout: A Young Puritan’s Code; Colonial Punishments

Thursday: Prep: DBQ /Worksheets; Lecture: French Colonies; Protestant Work Ethic irony..  Group review for tomorrow’s test. Collect colonial maps

Triangular Trade / Economics lecture. Video: America- The French Frontier VID 973 DIS 18th Century society notes or Filmstrip on Colonial America #5 Transparencies: Sources of Immigrants, Social Pyramid

Use the classroom set of ID cards. 3 groups. MC reads the clues until someone guesses the term. Keep track of your score, rotate the decks of cards.

Note both assignments due next Tuesday! Check out a reserve article and a copy of the DVD soon.

View AP links on the website under “Students” “Class Links”;
“Advanced Placement”.

Friday            Prep: ID Set #1 Chapter 1-5 due. Test on Chapters 1-5 in American Pageant. (This test will be the longest in terms of chapters covered. Your hard work over the summer pays off here!) Bring a pen and pencil (as usual) 14 Identification terms (from your ID cards + 64 multiple choice questions from the textbook. Did you look at yet to help you study the terms? See this schedule page 1.


Week 3 August 26-30 

Monday         Prep: Read Text Chapter 6 Prep: Last of the Mohicans video guide and discussion; Prep: A two page synopsis on Edmund S. Morgan's "Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox" in Michael Perman's book, Perspectives on the American Past pp. 52-62 on reserve in the library. "Reserve" here means that you may use it only in the library or check it out after school and return it before 1st period the next day. Please respect your fellow students by following these rules. Be prepared to discuss Morgan's work in class.

Handout: Patriots and Loyalists Debate (due next week Wednesday)

Tuesday          Prep: AP (American Pageant) Chapter 7 “The Road to Revolution” and Guidebook Chapter 6 B-E; View “April Morning” based on the book by Howard Fast

Handout: The Road Towards War

Return essays, DBQ worksheets


Wednesday     View April Morning part II; Prep: AP Chapter 8 “America Secedes from the Empire” Finish this reading in class if time permits


Thursday      Prep. Guidebook chapter 7 b-g Discuss the lessons of “April Morning” Lecture: Advantages and disadvantages of each side. Also, "Weapons and Tactics and Battles of the Revolutionary War."


Friday           Lecture: John Locke and the Social Contract; Reading of the Declaration of Independence and Patrick Henry’s Resolution (Living American Documents handouts p. 39

Week 4 September 3-6


Monday        Labor Day: No School!!


Tuesday         Prep: GB chapter 8 b-f, h ; Collect assignment from last Friday. Thursday’s test will also include multiple choice questions. Look at Thursday’s prep for more information) List 10 Things to know about the “Resolves of the 1st Continental Congress” Write out: A) Why is the document important? B) What does it say? C) What will be the likely results of this meeting? Handout: 2 sided Declaration of Independence reprint and view the Scholastic Kit video (17 minutes), activity and readings on the Declaration.

Wednesday . Debate :Patriots vs. Loyalists  U.S. History Jeopardy to review for tomorrow’s test. DBQ 2 Charges against the king (American Pageant Booklet) Weapons, tactics, battles of the Revolution. Bill Cosby Youtube “Toss of the Coin”


Thursday     Prep: ID Set #1 Chapters 6-8 due; Objective Test. Test on chapters 6-8 This will include identifying terms from the chapter. Remember to look at the website: for the lists of terms. Also review the chapters by looking at the “Chapter Outlines” on that site. There are practice multiple choice questions on this site as well. There’s a chance some/many/all of my multiple choice questions on today’s test will come from here. When you are finished you’ll be working in the “Fast Track to a 5” AP Test review books in preparation for tomorrow’s essays.


Friday           Prep: Essay test on Chapters 6-8. Remember to use the skills we’ve been working on in the “How to write an essay in 5 minutes” activities. Be sure to use “Treasure Chest” terms to support your answer. You’ll have about 20 minutes for each of 2 essay questions.


Week 5 September 9-13


Monday         Prep: AP Chapter 9 Launching the Ship of State.

Video: History Channel “America gets a Constitution” 3 minutes

Lecture: “Articles of Confederation Accomplishments and Failures ”Handout: “The Constitutional Convention and the Framers” Activity: Categorizing Articles Failures of the Confederation (Center for Learning Activity Book)


Tuesday        Go over answers from the categorizing activity yesterday. Do A of C DBQ #3 together from the American Pageant Booklet. Read Constitutional Convention Play


Wednesday .Prep: Guidebook 9 B-H; Discuss: Hamilton's Financial Plan, Whiskey Rebellion, French Revolution; Student Groups discuss and report to the class. (Jigsaw activity) “Friends of George Washington” How would YOU have advised him?

                                 Assign the Hamilton-Jefferson Debate / Write-up for Friday OR Work on Hand out Fast Track Books pp. 103-115 & m/c questions



Thursday        Finish group transparency reports (10 minutes) Prep: Text chapter 10  Library / Internet Lab Research for the Hamilton - Jefferson Debate and Write Up. Especially use The American Spirit for historical proof in the words of the protagonists and their contemporaries.

Friday Debate Hamilton vs. Jefferson for the direction our young country should go. (Finish video on the Constitution or play U.S. History Jeopardy) Teach 3 essay questions after the debate.



Monday Prep: Guidebook 10 B-G (A new skill valuable to essay writing is in part G. Do your best) 


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