Advanced Listening/Speaking through Broadway Musicals (V/VI)

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Advanced Listening/Speaking through Broadway Musicals (V/VI)

8-Week Plan
The L/S through Broadway Musicals class usually covers four musical plays as content. In an 8-Week Session, the first three musicals will require 2 – 2.5 weeks each, and the fourth (Annie), will require one week. For each musical, the class uses a teacher-written study guide, and a variety of supplementary materials (see below).
Generally, each unit includes:

  • Vocabulary exercises and quiz.

  • Listening Cloze exercises

  • Cooperative group work on answering Study Guide Questions, including both short answers and paragraph writing.

  • Class and small-group discussions.

  • Oral grammar correction exercises and quizzes.

  • Watching a video or live performance.

  • A major speaking project (see below).

Week 1

Getting acquainted.

Introduction to history and culture of Broadway

Evita: Songs and Study Guide materials

Pronunciation: /iy/ vs. /I/, introduction to reductions

Week 2

Complete Evita materials

Grammar correction activity and quiz

Vocab Quiz

Watch Evita video

Watch Evita: The Woman Behind the Myth documentary

Pronunciation: vowel distinctions as needed. Multi-syllabic word stress patterns

Week 3

Speaking Project: Evita Talk-Show Role-plays

Grammar correction activity and quiz

Les Miserables: Begin Songs and Study Guide Materials

Pronunciation. Sentence stress patterns (focus words, content words, function words)

Week 4

Complete Les Miserables materials

Watch excerpt from Les Miserables in Concert video

Vocab. Quiz

Grammar correction activity and quiz

Watch Les Miserables video (non-musical)

Pronunciation: /r/l/ distinction. Intonation (statements, Y/N questions, Wh- questions, tag questions, etc.)
Week 5

Speaking Project: Interview Americans outside of class, with regard to Broadway musicals. Report to class on findings.

Begin *Phantom of the Opera: Songs and Study Guide Materials

Pronunciation: s/sh/z/j distinctions, Stress patterns for phrasal verbs and compound nouns

Week 6

*Phantom of the Opera. Continue Study Guide materials

Vocab. Quiz

Grammar Correction activity and quiz

Pronunciation: p/b/v distinction. Reductions and linking.

Speaking Project: Begin preparing final poster-presentation: My Favorite Broadway Musical

Cultural trip to New York City. Watch Phantom of the Opera live performance.

Week 7

*Phantom of the Opera: Debrief trip and concluding discussions

Continue preparation for final poster-presentation (practice with partners, do peer evaluation)

Pronunciation: Continue work on sentence stress patterns, using presentation materials.

Presentation skills: Preparing and using short notes

Give final poster-presentations. Videotape and self-evaluate.
Week 8

Annie: Songs and Study Guide Materials

Watch Annie video (Disney version)

Michigan Aural

Final Conferences.

*May be replaced with new musical, such as The Producers or The Lion King

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