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Adolf Hitler Questions                        Name:                    

Answer the following questions while reading the article provided.  You do NOT have to write in complete sentences, but you do need to fully answer each question.

1. What 2 things led to Hitler’s 12 year reign?


Dreams of becoming an artist

2.  What was Hitler’s father’s job? _________________________________

3. What did his mother do before marrying Hitler’s father?

4.  Describe the personalities of each of Hitler’s parents and Hitler’s feelings towards each parent.



Hitler’s feelings toward him/her



5.  How many children did Hitler’s mother have? _________

6.  How many children survived infancy? _____________

7. What did Hitler want to be when he grew up? ____________________

8.  What caused Hitler to rebel when he was young and in school?

9. How old was Hitler when his father died? _______________

10. What did Hitler convince his mother to let him do?

An aimless life in Vienna

11. What “shocked and disappointed” Hitler?

12.  What did the director suggest Hitler do instead?

13.  Why did he decide not to do this?

14.  What was a “heartbreaking loss” for Hitler?  

Learning to hate

15.  What is a socialist society?

16. Who did Hitler blame for his own lack of success? __________________________

17. What is propaganda?

A German soldier in World War I

18. What did Hitler spend four years doing during the war?

19. What did Hitler like about the army?

20.  Paraphrase the event that “changed the course of his life.”

21.  How did Hitler feel about the end of the war?  What 3 groups did he blame the defeat on?

    1._________________________  2._________________________ 3._________________________

The German Workers’ Party

22. What skill did Hitler excel at? _______________________________________

23.  What is communism?

24.  How was Hitler able to take over leadership of the Nazi Party?

The Munich Beer Hall “Putsch”

25.  What is a “putsch”? _______________________________________________________________

26. Paraphrase the event that caused Hitler to go be sentenced to jail for five years.

27. What was to become “the most important document of Nazism” and what was it about?

Rebuilding the Nazi Party

28. Name 2 reasons why Hitler was successful in rebuilding the Nazi Party?

29. What did Hitler realize he needed to do to achieve his goals?

Chancellor of Germany

30. What is a chancellor and why did Hitler get this job?

31.  What did Hitler’s emergency decree allow him and the government to do?

The Nazis in control of Germany

32.  Name 2 things the Nazis eliminated when they came to power.

33.  What was the Hitler Youth movement?

At the peak of popularity

34.  What percent of the population agreed with Hitler’s policies? ______________

35.  Name 2 reasons why people agreed with him?


36. What were the Gestapo free to do?

Germany invades nearby countries

37.  Who were the Axis nations?  _________________       ____________________    _________________

38.  Why did France and Britain declare war on Germany?

Hitler’s “Final Solution”

39. Before World War II was over, how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis?______________________

40.  How many others (those that weren’t Jews) were killed? _____________________________
The war goes downhill

41. Paraphrase what Hitler’s “fatal mistake” was.  

42. How did the Americans help defeat Germany?

Trapped in the bunker

43.  What happened to cause Hitler to order the death of 5,000 people?

44. Who did Hitler blame for the defeat of Germany and why?

45.  What was the “scorched earth” policy?

46. Who was Eva Braun?__________________________________________________________________

47. What happened to Hitler and Eva?

48. What rumors persisted and how were these rumors proved to not be true?

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