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Educational Administration

The program is designed as a professional degree in which a cohort of rising K-12 school and postsecondary administrators develop advanced leadership and research skills related to their own institutional settings

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Requirements are subject to state and federal changes in credential law.

Mission & Vision Statement

To serve the educational needs of local, regional, and global communities, the School of Education advances innovative practice and leadership by generating, embracing, and promoting equitable and creative solutions.

The mission of the School of Education community is to collaboratively transform education.   We:


Educational Administration


The Master of Arts in Education Program in the School of Education at Cal State San Marcos is characterized by its emphasis on critical pedagogy and reflective practice. The program’s view of educators as an instructional, ethical, and curricular leader places high value on individual empowerment, on multiple ways of knowing, the construction of meaning and the production (vs. reproduction) of knowledge.


The Master of Arts in Education is designed for classroom teachers, administrators, and other educators who wish to extend or refine their knowledge and skills beyond the level attained in their previous studies. For some, Master’s level study is a way to improve their performance in the classroom; others seek preparation for leadership roles at the school or district level; still others may wish to use Master’s studies as the basis for graduate work at the Doctoral level.

Admission Requirements

General requirements are listed below. Different or additional requirements for the advanced credential certification options are found in the description for that option.


  • Basic credential.

  • Application for the Master of Arts in Education in the School of Education and $25 fee.

  • Interview with appropriate School of Education Admissions Committee.

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the candidate’s work in the field of education.

  • Statement of Purpose describing the candidate’s interest in pursuing the degree.

  • Employment verification of three (3) years teaching experience.

  • GPA according to the University admission policy.

  • Completion of the Graduate/ Post-baccalaureate Application to the University.

  • Official transcripts mailed directly to the Office of Admissions from EACH college or university attended. CSUSM students with transcripts on file do not need to submit.

All materials will be evaluated to assess an applicant's qualifications for admission; however, no one indicator shall determine acceptance of an applicant.

Special Conditions for the Master of Arts in Education

All coursework preceding the culminating experience (EDUC 698) will earn a letter grade. A grade-point average of 3.0 must be maintained and any grade of less than B- will be subject to review by the option coordinator.

Upon faculty approval, up to nine (9) units of graduate-level course work in education or a related field may be transferred into the program.

English Learner Authorization

All options of the Master of Arts in Education degree require students to achieve competence in instructing English learners.  Students who do not currently hold an English Learner (EL) authorization such as an SB 2042 or other credential with EL authorization or a CLAD/CTEL certificate or emphasis program are required to complete additional coursework to obtain full English Learner authorization prior to issuance of the Master’s degree.

*Required coursework is listed on the next page.

Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Education consists of three components; core coursework, the option, and the culminating experience.

Core Coursework

All Master’s students in the School of Education will complete the core coursework for a total of nine (9) units. Students must complete the following 3-unit multicultural education courses: EDAD 610 (Leading School Communities in a Pluralistic Society), EDUC 622 (Research Methods, 3 units) and EDUC 698 (Culminating Experience Seminar, 3 units)

The Culminating Experience

All MA students in the School of Education must complete EDUC 698 – Master’s Culminating Experience Seminar (3 units) as part of the culminating experience for Master’s study. The culminating experience may be a thesis, or project including the National Board Certification Teacher (NBCT) process, or an examination. Master’s candidates are encouraged to work collaboratively and may choose from a variety of forms to present their work.


Educational Administration

(30 units)

Candidates must have three or more years of professional experience. They must also complete the prerequisite/co-requisite courses mentioned below.

The Option in Educational Administration within the Master of Arts in Education prepares site and district administrators for positions of leadership in the elementary and secondary schools of the 21st Century. The option emphasizes the development of administrative expertise through

a sound knowledge base, a student-centered pedagogy, the appropriate integration of theory and practice, capacity for research and critical analysis, collaborative practice, evaluation in school administration and management, and the development of professional and ethical models of leadership.

Administrative Services Tier I Credential Requirements

Prerequisite Courses


EDST 630 or EDUC 422 3

EDUC 501 3
Course Requirements


EDAD 610 3

EDAD 612 2

EDAD 614 3

EDAD 616ª 2

EDAD 616B 2

EDAD 618 4

EDAD 620 3

EDAD 624ª 1

EDAD 624B 1

EDAD 626ª 2

EDAD 626B 1

Total 24
Credential Courses – 24 units (see above)
Additional courses required for the Master’s


EDUC 622 3

EDUC 698 (Thesis Project) 3

Program Total 30
PLEASE NOTE: Upon completion of Tier I and the securing of employment as an administrator, candidates will be required to complete a Tier II Administrative Services Credential.

Additional coursework for those needing required CTEL (EL) authorization:

*Each are 3 unit courses

  • EDUC 602 or EDAD 610 & EDAD 614

  • EDUC 606 or EDUC 646

  • EDUC 614A & EDUC 614B or EDUC 641 or EDAD 614 & EDAD 618

  • EDUC 647 or EDUC 612 or EDUC 613

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