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AddRan College of Liberal Arts


Annual Report

Prepared by

F. Andrew Schoolmaster


AddRan College
June 2011
Table of Contents

1.Activities and Accomplishments 3

2.AddRan College Development and Accomplishments 5

3.VIA Strategic Initiative Funds 7

4.Statistical Overview of SCH, Majors, Degrees Conferred 8

5.Progress on 2010 Goals for AddRan College 12

6.Goals for AddRan College 2011 13

7.Challenges for AddRan College 14

8.Appendices 15

Studies Programs 15

Departmental Activities and Annual Reports 19

Quinn, Stephan, “How Amsterdam Got Fiat Money” (with William Roberds), submitted to the Journal of Monetary Economics. 51

Sawyer, W. Charles “Intra-Industry Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean,” International Trade Journal, forthcoming. (With Thomas M. Fullerton and Richard L. Sprinkle). 51

Sawyer, W. Charles and Javier Reyes Latin American Economics, London, Routledge, forthcoming 2011. 51

Department of English 53

9.1. Department of English Personnel 2010 54

10.2. Degrees Conferred & Placement Information 56

11. 3. Semester Credit Hour Production & Enrollments 58

Summer 2010 Enrollments (End of Term) 63

Fall 2010 Enrollments (End of Semester) 64

End-of-Semester Enrollments (% of capacity) 67

12.4. Service/Experiential Learning & Internships 69

13.5. English Department: Majors 69

14.6. Participation in “Studies” Programs 71

15.7. Sponsored/Organized Activities 71

16. 72

17.8. Faculty Service and Contributions 73

18.9. Publications 78

19.10. Grants 83

20.11. Qualitative Factors 83

21.12. Student Learning Outcomes 85

22.13. Community Engagement 85

23.14. Department Specific Strategic Goals 85

24.Appendix 1. Presentations 89

25.Appendix 2. Other Evidence of Scholarly Activity—Works Forthcoming 92

Steven Sloan received an NEH Summer Seminar on Contemporary Urban Fiction in Brazil. Research carried out in São Paulo, Brazil, July 5-29 ($3,300). Sloan also received a TCU RCAF Grant: "Rethinking the Urban Latin American Landscape: João do Rio, the crônica and Other Hybrid Spaces" ($2,500). 234

ROTC Program Reports 236


26.NAME: Jara Lang 237

27.DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL: ADDRAN/Aerospace Studies 237

Teaching 237

Research/Creative Activities 237

Grants and Contracts (specify type, i.e., research or training, funding entity, and amount) 238

Professional and Administrative Service 239


Student Interaction 239

Professional Development (described activities not previously discussed which contribute to your continued professional growth (e.g., merited leave, visiting faculty appointments, meetings attended, international travel, etc.) 240

A. 28 Jan 11 Visit from Brig Gen (s) Watkins - Commander of the Holm Center for Leadership Development and Accessions. Great visit! Good exchange of information (Holm Center, Cadre, and University officials), and valuable face time with my cadre’s spouses. 240

Awards, Honors, Recognitions 240

Teaching, research, service, advising and professional development goals for the next academic year 241

Ways the University, school/college, and/or department could be more supportive of your work 241

Military Science Department Annual Report for SY 20010-20011 242

Overall Assessment 242

The TCU Army ROTC Program was recognized for FY 2010 as one of the top eight programs in the Nation (out of 273 Army ROTC programs). The MacArthur Award given annually since 1989 by Cadet Command in conjunction with the Norfolk, VA-based General Douglas MacArthur foundation. The award recognizes the programs that best represent the ideals of “Duty, Honor, and Country.” Additional metrics include the battalion’s commissioning numbers, cadet performance (academic and military) and retention rates. The TCU Army ROTC Cadre, Staff, and Cadets continue to make this program one that is continually recognized for excellence. 242

Program Accomplishments 242

This past year we had 97 students on scholarship. These scholarships are valued at over $3 million. 242

Overall enrollment of 137 cadets (108 at TCU, 29 at TCC and other local colleges planning to transfer). 242

Maintained Nursing student level 28 and commissioned two Nurses in DEC 10 and two more will commission in MAY 11. 242

Increased recruiting and marketing efforts in unison with TCU efforts have positioned us to maintain enrollment for the next school year as we expect opening enrollment to be stable at 150 cadets for next fall SY 2011-2012. Will commission 28 Officers from TCU this year— 242

TCU Army ROTC continues to have the largest nursing program of all 273 ROTCs in the United States 242

TCU Army ROTC continues to be one of the top three largest programs in the western Half of the United States 242

28.Student Accomplishments 242

29.Student Accomplishments cont. 243

The TCU Army ROTC Colorguard volunteered for several civic functions and sporting events in support of the Fort Worth community. 243

Numerous service projects and events were supported by cadets on an individual and small group basis. 243

Accomplishment of Grads 243

At least five graduates from the class of 2005-2009 were deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom. 243

30.Next Year’s Goals 243

*In the three previous annual reports (2007, 2008, 2009) for the college, the studies programs, departmental activities and accomplishments, and the ROTC programs information were included as part of the final report. This required that only selected activities and accomplishments would be included. To ensure complete reporting of each unit’s activity, their annual reports in their entirety will be included as an appendix in this annual report for AddRan College. This practice will be continued in the future.

AddRan College of Liberal Arts
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