Act 1 Due: Tuesday, May 21

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Henry IV, Part 1 Study Questions

ACT 1 Due: Tuesday, May 21

1. Read King Henry’s opening speech. What are his major concerns? How have recent events (from Richard II) shaped and informed those concerns and what are his immediate plans?

2. Why does Henry want to go to Jerusalem?

3. What are Henry’s feelings about his son, Hal?

4. Describe Falstaff’s character. What is he like? What does he seem to care about?

5. What trick do Hal and Poins plan to play on Falstaff?

6. What reasons does Hal give at the end of scene ii for spending his time in a tavern?

7. Why is King Henry upset with Hotspur?

8. What are Hotspur’s feelings toward Henry?

9. What do Hotspur and his uncle plan to do about Henry’s being in power?

ACT 2 Due: ____________________

1. What is Falstaff ’s reaction when Hal and Poins spring their ambush?

2. Describe the relationship between Hotspur and his wife.

3. What excuse does Falstaff give for running away from Poins and Hal? Do you believe him? Why or why not?

4. Why and how does Falstaff ’s manner of speaking change when he pretends to be King Henry?

5. What does Hal do to help Falstaff avoid the Sheriff ’s wrath?

ACT 3 Due: ____________________

1. What is the root of the conflict between Hotspur and Glendower?

2. Why is Hotspur dismissive of Glendower’s powers?

3. What advice does Henry give Hal regarding how to behave as a monarch? What is Hal’s response? How sincere is he?

4. What does Hal do with the money he and Poins took from Falstaff? What does it indicate about his character?

5. What responsibility does Hal charge Falstaff with at the end of the act?

ACT 4 Due: ____________________

1. Why can’t Northumberland join his son Hotspur? What is Hotspur’s reaction to the news that his father will not be joining him? What does his response reveal about his character?

2. How does Vernon describe Prince Hal? What does that description tell us about any change Hal may have undergone?

3. What do Falstaff ’s comments in scene ii regarding the men he has recruited reveal about his thoughts on war? How does he describe the men he has pressed into service to Hal and Westmoreland?

4. What are the reasons Hotspur gives for wanting to attack Henry earlier than previously planned? What is Vernon’s response?

5. What offer does Sir Walter Blunt make to Hotspur on behalf of King Henry?

6. What is Hotspur’s response to Blunt’s offer?
ACT 5 Due: ____________________

1. How does Worcester defend his traitorous actions to Henry? How sound is his argument?

2. What is Falstaff ’s view of honor? To what extent do you agree with his statements?

3. Why do Worcester and Vernon decide not to tell Hotspur of Henry’s offer of clemency?

4. What is Hotspur’s opinion of Prince Hal?

5. Who does Douglas mistake Blunt for? Why was Blunt in disguise?

6. What is Hal’s response when Henry asks him to leave the field of battle?

7. What feelings does Hal express for Hotspur after he slays him?

8. What are Falstaff ’s claims regarding his role in the death of Hotspur?

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