Ac english 2 11 September 2015

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Mr. Nurre

AC English 2

11 September 2015

Bradford and Winthrop Guided Notes
Directions: Independently, answer the following questions. Use your text as a guide to your critically considered and analytical answers. We will discuss some of these items in class on Monday, but be prepared to submit your completed responses at the start of class.
William Bradford: Of Plymouth Plantation

  1. Background (72-73)

        1. What is a Pilgrim? What marked the Plymouth Colony as different from the earlier Jamestown and later Massachusetts Bay settlements? What specific aspects of Pilgrim culture came to influence American culture?

        2. What was Bradford's role in the Plymouth Colony? How did he help shape the early English colonies?

        3. Considering John Smith's earlier writings, what in Bradford's personal background before heading to the New World prepared him for the colonial enterprise?

  1. Chapter XI: The Remainder of Anno 1620 (81-86)

  1. Who are “the strangers,” and how are they classified by Bradford? What main American tension is introduced in the first paragraph? (81)

  2. The second paragraph is likely Bradford’s most famous, as it defines the colonial project and the civil body politic. What is the purpose of the colony? What is the civil body politic? How do the purpose and the civil body politic create a foundation for American society and culture? (81)

  3. How did the early colonists survive their “difficult beginnings”? How does the fate of the crew support the colonists’ sense of Predestination? (82-83)

  4. What is the role of Samoset and Squanto? Who were they and how did they aid the colonists?

  5. What is significant about the terms of the peace treaty negotiated between the colonists and Massasoit? (83-84)

  6. After detailing Squanto’s history, what does Bradford say about the local natives? Contrary to his own account, who does he credit as solely responsible for the peace, prosperity and survival of the colonists? What is the significance of this contradiction? (85, 86)

  7. How did the natives treat the shipwrecked French before the English arrived? How is this account dubious? How does Bradford describe the native religious ceremony? Why is this significant? (85-86)

  1. Chapter XXIII Anno 1632: Prosperity Weakens Community (89-90)

  1. Writing over a decade later, what specific benefits and drawbacks have the Massachusetts colonies experienced as they have expanded?

  2. In what specific ways, did prosperity weaken the community? How does the fallout from prosperity reflect main tensions found in American culture?

John Winthrop: “A Model of Christian Charity”

  1. Background (90-91)

  1. What was Winthrop's role in the Massachusetts Bay Colony? How did his influence shape the early colonies?

  2. How was Winthrop different from Bradford in their personal backgrounds and their leadership styles?

  3. In what ways were the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony different from the Pilgrims of Plymouth? What specific aspects of Puritan culture came to influence American culture?

  1. Part II (99-102)

  1. Who are the Puritans, according to Winthrop? What defines them and their purpose?

  2. What work must they perform? Why?

  3. What is their ultimate goal? What in the language is specifically "Puritan"?

  4. How will the work they perform accomplish their ultimate goal? How will the means achieve the end?

  5. According to Winthrop, what defines the covenant between God and the Puritan followers?

  6. What does Winthrop mean when he evokes the Book of Micah and the image of "a city upon a hill"? What is both stated and implied (intentionally or unintentionally) with this image?

  7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of this "city on a hill" mentatlity? How do both the positives and negatives shape American culture going forward?

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