Aboriginal History The Stolen Generation

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Aboriginal History

The Stolen Generation

In the late 1700s the the Aboriginals were having a great time and living a good life until one day they saw boats coming in from the sea, it was the English that had arrived.

The English killed some Aboriginals and took over the land. They forced the parents to leave there children, it must have been terrible

Aboriginal Tent Embassy

In 1972 the aboriginals where annoyed they were being treated unfairly so they built a tent and started protesting.

The English didn’t agree and that lead to a physical fight.

Australia Day – Invasion Day

We celebrate Australia but the aboriginals call it invasion day

Australian 1967 Referendum

In 1967 the Aboriginals went on strike to vote yes for aboriginals to be recognized as real Australians. Australians voted to change the law for the aboriginals but some didn’t.

Sorry Speech

In 2008 the PM of Australia made a speech to all the aboriginals that we were sorry, sorry for taking your land and killing some of you and treating you unfairly, that was what the Aboriginals were looking for.

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