Abe was married to Mary Todd Lincoln he and his wife had 4 kids 2 died at age 3

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  • he and his wife had 4 kids 2 died at age 3

Now I’m going to tell you about his wife Mary Todd Lincoln Before Mary worked on her family farm and liked it there. then Mary ment lincolin in college And fell in love. After that lincoiln was a lawyer and mary was at home taking care of 4 kids. Two of the children died at age 3.

*mom died when he was 9

  • * his birthday is February 12

Before life he loved to learn

Aberham was poor at the time he worked on his farm. All aberham did as a kid was read he loved it. He had dream’s of becoming smart. When he was 9 his mom died he was so sad but he got over it. When he was 22 he went to college and ment Mary they had 4 kids.

Presadend life abe lincolin tried to be a happy man

After James Buchanan death Aberham came president he was so happy him and his family moved in at the time lincolin was bizzy and his wife mary todd lincoiln came into his office and said abe 2 of are children died he was crushed but then he was put in war and made a promise to himself I’m going to win the war for my kids and he won he was famos for his gettysberg speech and when he was on his way to wachington ford theter he was shot by john wilkes booth.

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