A separate Peace Chapter 1

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A Separate Peace Chapter 1
1. When the narrator, Gene Forrester, entered the school grounds, why were the buildings empty?
2. Devon is where?

A) New York

B) New England

C) Great Britain

D) New Jersey
3. The small stadium could not be seen because it was a ____ day.
4. For what was the narrator looking?
5. After reflecting upon the object of his search, the narrator concluded what?

A) Everything grows.

B) Everything has meaning.

C) Nothing endures.

D) Reverie is important.
6. T/F Finny was one of the best athletes in school.
7. What was the most fun Phineas had all week?
8. Who was Leper?
9. On their walk back to the campus, the narrator heard all of the following sounds, except ...

A) cricket noises

B) bird cries

C) a gymnasium truck

D) distant splashes from other boys jumping
10. What did Finny think was a necessary evil?
11. What book was the narrator reading for summer school?

Chapter 2
1. T/F Mr. Prud'homme was humored by Finny's explanation of why they had missed last night's meal.

2. T/F The faculty was harder on the seniors.

3. Why did the narrator envy Phineas?

4. T/F Phineas had large ears.

5. What unusual garment did Mrs. Patch-Withers notice on Finny?

6. T/F The narrator was flattered to be Finny's friend.

7. T/F The narrator understood the nature of his own sarcasm toward Phineas as it happened.

8. What was behind the gym and the fields?

9. Why did the war seem unreal to the boys?

10. T/F. The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session contained one female student.

A Separate Peace

Chapter 3
1. What ruled Finny's life?
2. How often did the SSSSS meet?
3. Finny wanted to get out of what sport?
4. T/F Finny removed ticks from a dog.
5. T/F In blitzball, all the players are enemies.
6. T/F Gene felt America was the land of plenty.
7. Whose swimming record did Finny break by .7 seconds?
8. T/F Finny wanted The Devonian to know about his feat.
9. What tone would Finny use when proposing something really outrageous?
10. T/F Before retiring for sleep on the dune, Finny and Gene verbalized and confirmed their mutual friendship and "best-pal" status toward each other.

A Separate Peace

Chapter 4

1. T/F Gene passed his trigonometry test.

2. Why might Finny have jealous envy toward Gene?
3. What truth did Gene stumble upon that gave himself some solace?
4. What second realization did Gene have?
5. What was Finny's scholastic downfall?
6. T/F Finny would ridicule Gene's scholastic discipline to study.
7. Who jolted the limb, causing Finny to lose his balance?

Separate Peace

Chapter 5
1. T/F Gene went down to dinner in Finny's pink shirt.
2. What did Dr. Stanpole suggest Gene help Finny accept?
3. T/F While visiting Finny in the infirmary, Gene confessed the awful truth that he had jounced the limb of the tree purposefully.
4. When Gene, on his way back to Devon for the fall semester, visited Finny at his

house, he thought Finny looked like what?

5. What was the deeper injury that Gene inflicted upon Finny?

A Separate Peace - Chapter 6

1. How many of the younger teachers were missing because they had gone into the war?

2. Why did Gene disagree with the theme (continuity) of the keynote speech/sermon?

3. Whose room was moved?

4. Gene referred to the summer days as the ____ days.

5. T/F On his way to the Crew House, Gene remembered Phineas's terrible fall.

6. What is Gene's last name?

7. Who first revealed Quackenbush's first name?

8. Why did Gene fight Quackenbush?

9. T/F Upon reflection, Gene wished he hadn't hit Quackenbush so hard.

10. If Gene was to become a part of Phineas, what would he have to overcome?

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