A quick guide to setting up your own society

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Firstly, thank you for showing your interest in creating a new society. We have over 42 societies here at Bucks, and we’re always looking to set up and support more.

This pack should guide you through setting up the society. It’s simple really; we just need 10 signatures from fellow members. These signatures can be anyone as long as they’re a current student. These signatures need to be from students, who will share a similar interest to your new society.

So, what’s the next step? After you’ve got 10 signatures, please return the form below to jon.wright@bucks.ac.uk, or return it to the SU reception. From there, we’ll need a committee in order to ensure the stability of the society.

Benefits to starting a Society

  • Help, guidance and support from the Students’ Union

  • Engagement with the Students’ Union

  • Creating a legacy – a society that can be enjoyed by members for years to come

  • Being a pioneer – setting up a society that has the potential to be extremely successful

  • Societies at Bucks are free & you can apply for up to £500 from the Students’ Union to help fund society activities

  • Learning and developing skills by being on a committee, which can help with employability

A quick guide to setting up your own society

It’s fantastic that you want to start up your own society and we are here to guide and support you throughout this process.

  1. 10 members and your new society interest form

We need you to find at least 10 other members who are interested in the society that you wish to set up. Once you have got 10 members, please hand the new society interest form to the Societies & Volunteering Assistant.

  1. Find yourself a committee!

Now, it’s time to start thinking about your committee. You’ll need a minimum of 3 committee members in order for your society to become affiliated with the Students’ Union. These roles are Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Please refer to the “committee explained” section in this pack for more information on committee members.

  1. Elections

Any member can run for committee positions and members can run for more than one position. We will then host an election (normally online) and your members will vote for who they wish to be on committee. The online election will last for a week and results will be sent via email.

  1. Student Involvement Cards

All members of your society will need a Student Involvement card. Members can get these by visiting the Students’ Union reception. A photo will be taken for the card on arrival. Members must have a Student Involvement card before taking part in society activity. The card allows the Students’ Union to accurately track all members of societies and provides us with information if we need to contact them or their next of kin. Student Involvement cards also entitles member to vote in any election or group decisions made by the society.

  1. You’re good to go!

After the election and involvement cards – your society is ready to go! We offer committee training to new members which will cover everything you’ll ever need to know.

Remember you can apply for up to £500 through the grant process. This will help cover the cost of trips and activities for your members. You’re also ready to work through the accreditation scheme, more details can be found in the Society handbook.

Please refer to the society handbook for more information.

Committee explained

We need a minimum of three committee members: Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer. We’re more than happy for you to add extra committee positions, for example, Social Secretary, Fundraiser, Events Officer etc., but you must have the minimum three in order to exist as a society.

Please ask members if they would like to run for a committee position. You’ll find opportunity profiles later on in this pack which explains the roles in more detail, including a full list of duties and responsibilities that the role entails.

More than one member can run for a position. Once you have members wishing to run for the committee, we will run an online election. We open elections for 1 week to ensure all members are able to vote and the Societies & Volunteering assistant will then email those members the results.

These members will be no the committee until March 2015, when the next set of elections will take place. Please refer to the Society Handbook for more information regarding elections and committee members.

Remember the Societies & Volunteering team are always here to help and assist you with your paperwork.

Welcome to committee!

Congratulations on being elected! Being on committee means that you will learn and develop a variety of skills, as well as working in a team to continue and improve member’s experiences.

So what’s next?

We offer two types of training to ensure you settle into your role and feel comfortable and confident for the upcoming future.

The first is generic committee training in which the Students’ Union’s different processes are explained including the grant form, the accreditation scheme and Students’ Union procedures.

We also host individual training where your role will be fully explained including duties and responsibilities and expectations.

In this pack will be a Society handbook and it explains everything you’ll need to know about being on a Society committee.

Please contact susocieties@bucks.ac.uk if you have any further queries or questions.

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