A journey Through World History Teacher: Mrs. D. Wilder

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A Journey Through World History

Teacher: Mrs. D. Wilder


Course Description: Welcome to a “Journey Through World History” in which students will survey time from prehistory and early man to the modern era. The students will begin to build foundational knowledge and skills involved in comprehending the significance of people and events, conducting historical research embedded in the instructional practice of project-based learning. The concept of time, geographical landforms, economics, the use of technology in and outside of the classroom and arts integration will assist students in developing the ability to discover our past, relate to the present and predict the future in the cycle of history.

Course Content/Pacing Guide

  • Geography Skills *

  • Early Humans, River Valley Civilizations, 1st Empires & Major World Religions

  • Classical Civilizations & Post-Classical Civilizations

  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation

  • Trade & Explorations

  • Revolutions & Rebellions

  • Industrialization, Imperialism & Nationalism

  • Conflicts & Power

  • Modern Technologies

  • Global Peace & Realignment

  • Resurgence of the Ancient World (Middle East)

*Continuous concept throughout the year.


Honor Code

  • Students at NEAAAT will uphold a standard of excellence. Therefore students will not give or receive answers on ANY assignment unless directed by the teacher, Mrs. Wilder. Any student in violation of the honor code will receive a zero on the assignment. Additional actions may be taken according to the guidelines laid out in the NEAAAT Student Handbook.

Diversity Statement

All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the NEAAAT educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, cultural background, disability or sexual orientation.

Grading System:

  • 15% Homework

  • 10% Discussion Board Postings and Reading Assignments

  • 20% Classwork/Daily Participation

  • 25% Quizzes

  • 30% Tests & Projects

    • Students who receive a failing grade will be allowed to retake assessments.

  • Late assignments (Homework, Postings, Classwork, Quizzes) will be accepted with 20 points deducted per day unless due to an excused absence or prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.

  • Projects will be accepted no later than 3 calendar days after the due date with 10 points deducted daily.

  • Midterm and final exams are also given. The semester is comprised of two nine weeks. Each count for 40% of the semester grade and the exam counts for the remaining 20%.


  • All students that are absent are expected to regularly check Google-classroom for assignments, assessments and/or instructional materials that are missed. Students with excused absences will be given 3 school days to complete and submit the assignments.


Class website:

Textbooks: We will not be using a traditional textbook, however student instruction (classroom & home) will be supported using several primary and secondary digital media resources.
Behavior Management Plan

Positive Reinforcement

  • Students will receive positive praise, constructive feedback and parent contacts.


  • First offense – Warning (includes calling the student’s name during class or speaking privately in the hall)

  • Second and third offenses – Detention/ Parent Contact

  • Fourth and fifth offenses – Parent/ Student/ Teacher Meeting and Detention

  • Sixth offense – Referral and student/teacher/parent/administrator conference

Materials & Supplies

  • A Pleasant ATTITUDE & a Willingness to WORK!!!!!

  • 3-subject notebook

  • 1 pack of index cards

  • Pens (Blue or Black and Red)

  • Highlighters (2 varying colors)

  • DELL Chromebook (provided by NEAAAT)

Suggested materials are not required, but will help students take notes, complete activities and stay organized during the school year.

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Tissues

Contact Info.

Email. devinwilder@northeastacademy.org

NEAAAT phone: 252-562-0653

Google Voice: 252-513-0171

By signing this syllabus or completing the Google Form http://goo.gl/forms/FlTeM6YVt4, you (student and parent/guardian) acknowledge receiving the expectations for this course, its content and the behavior management plan. Please keep a printed copy or digital version of this syllabus for your records.

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Parent Name (print) ___________________________________________________________________

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