A jamestown Leader

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A Jamestown Leader

John Smith has been a part of history since colonial America. He was born somewhere between January 6-9, 1580, in Lincolnshire, England. John Smith was a leader of the Jamestown colony located in Virginia. He came here to be part of the colony, but he and the colony wanted gold. They soon found their gold, which was tobacco. Before John had moved here in 1607, when he was about 27 years old, he was educated at King Edward Vl Grammar School. John Smith never was married, nor did he have any children. John Smith had spent most of his life in Jamestown, Virginia. John Smith had passed away June 21, 1631, at the age of 51.

Furthermore, there are quite a few facts that most people didn’t know about John Smith. Did you know that John Smith had named part of the Northeast Region, New England? He named that area while he was on his voyage with the Plymouth Company. During his second voyage, pirates had captured him and he was forced to return to England forever. John Smith wrote three books. Two of them were A Description of New England and The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and Isles. The other book was The True Travels, Adventure, and Observations of Capitan John Smith in Europe, Asia, and America. John Smith was a cartographer. He was not only a leader, nor was he only a writer. He was a man of several talents.

John Smith came to America because he was the leader of the Jamestown colony. John Smith would have been pulled to come to America. This was voluntary migration. Voluntary migration is part of the push/ pull theory. To add, in the push/ pull theory, there is voluntary and involuntary migration. Voluntary migration is to migrate with your decision to just go move. Involuntary migration is when people are forced to flee. Yes, John Smith spoke English, for he was from England. John Smith had sailed in America on a boat. When John Smith arrived to America, it was between the 1500’s and 1600’s, and it was the time where the thirteen colonies were forming. He was part of one of the first successful colonies: the Jamestown Colony. Smith had to try his hardest to keep his colony alive. Food was very scarce at that time. There were multiple attacks from the Indians, of many kinds. The first colony, Roanoke, was established when he was only five years old, but the glue to stick the colony and keep it in place, soon washed away. From here on then, John Smith wanted to set sail, at least when he was old enough, and establish a permanent colony. Many new lands were being established when John was a child. It was the time of the Renaissance. When he moved to America, mainly Native Americans lived there, besides the colonists. John had made a strict law. He stated, “Thee who does not worke does not eate.” Due to this, he got everyone to work. John Smith had faced discrimination when he fought the Powhatan Indians. Pocahontas had saved him when her father had wanted John to be put to death. Not everyone, at least, believed his way of business. He had strict rules that some people didn’t understand. He had his colony. Just he, becoming a leader of a colony, makes him remembered.

John Smith was an explorer, cartographer, and a writer who led the Jamestown Colony. Thomas Jefferson described him as, “Honest, sensible, and well informed.” John was wildly regarded as a reliable observer, but as well as a national hero. Smith did as much as he could to make sure his colony would survive. John Smith was part of the Jamestown colony, and he was the leader of it. One of John’s accomplishments was leading the Jamestown colony. He protected the colony from the Paspahegh Indians. From doing this, he almost lost his life when the two of them were hand and hand in the river off shore. Even if the chief was only out for Smith, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t go out for the other leader if he had killed John Smith. In 1615, John attempts to make a colony in New England, but failed. In 1617, Smith tried again, but failed once more. John Smith always tried his best and was very persistent. It was difficult to survive in Jamestown, even due to the nature. The land was very soggy and was a big marsh. It was tough to grow crops. John was mainly known for leading the Jamestown colony and being saved by an amazing girl, Pocahontas.

Some of John Smith’s decisions were controversial. When John said, “he that does not work does not eat,” it was very harsh to say someone cannot eat. That may have been the wrong decision because if a lot of people didn’t work, they wouldn’t eat, and then they would die. In that case, there would only be few colonists. He made this rule while he was president of the colony. I found this action somewhat mean and harsh, but at the same time, productive to get work done. This action changed my mind about Smith. I seemed to think he was harsher than I thought he was before. I still believe he was a smart leader. Not all people are the same from the first impression. His presidency seemed to do well and hurt the colony.

John Smith represents America because he was a part of the Jamestown colony in Virginia. What he had done shows how great America is. He kept his colony going. Obstacles John faced were wars, food, and land disputes. Food was very scarce at the time especially because the colony was in a very marshy area. It was tough to grow crops. He is an important representative for America because he made a big impact on us Americans due to him being a colonist. The 13 colonies are an immense part of our history today. The fact that Smith had moved to America means that he wanted to become American. America is known as a “melting pot.” This means that all different cultures come together in America. It explains that a lot of people come here who have different backgrounds. John Smith is from England. That is a far country from America. John takes part in America’s “melting pot.”

John Smith had once said, “History is the memory of time, the life of the dead and the happiness of leaving.” This quote means that what happens in history will be remembered. When people die, someday, they may be part of our history. When people do remarkable events, it will pay off, and you may be remembered.

John Smith was the leader of the Jamestown colony which represents America. It shows how America keeps trying to stay at their best. I chose John Smith because it was a tough time in history and it is remarkable how he took care of the colony. He protected them as much as he could. When they were attacked, John surely stepped up to the plate and risked his life. He not being born here does not mean he cannot represent America. By him coming to America and him staying here with his colony shows he can represent our country. Finally, John Smith represents America!

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