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Life On The Farm Block Of The Month

Block 6: Hot Rods!

A free block of the month design from

Nichole Wade

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So come on in and let’s get sewing!

Be blessed in the Nest!


We can’t have a farm without the trusty truck and Mr. Cluck! Both are essential to farm life as we know it. So, as they strut around the barnyard and fields…we are going to bring them to life in our own little quilt. This block is simple and I know you can do it! If you don’t want to use the wool felt, then you can always do it all as an embroidery project instead. If you want something more challenging, then you can always appliqué the truck and rooster out of cotton fabric. Just remember you will need to add a seam allowance if you do that. If you have never worked with wool felt before, I promise you will love it! It is very forgiving AND you don’t have to turn it under!

For this project you are going to need the following items. If you have been sewing along with us, chances are you’ve already got most of them out of the box and in use.
~ Basic supplies: needle, thread, scissors
~ 1 square of green cotton fabric measuring 5 7/8 in.
~ Wool felt in: red, black, white, tan, teal, mint, seafoam green, yellow and pink.
~ Embroidery floss in matching colors to wool.
(You might be asking me at this point why I don’t put specific DMC colors down when I write patterns. Well, for one…I use what I have on hand & I use many different companies threads as well. Secondly, use what you like! You may have a slightly different color of wool or fabric and might like a different color instead. Use what YOU want, what matches what you are using.  )

Let’s Go!
Ok, it’s time to sew it up! Once you’ve cut your green square of cotton fabric, let’s cut out our truck shapes and the rest of the pieces according to the templates page. Usually, I photocopy this so that I have one to keep as a reference and one to actually cut from.
Once your pieces are all cut out, I always go with the largest piece first. Lay town the truck body on top of the cotton fabric. Do this on a good flat surface. Put your tires and such on, making sure to be mindful of the seam allowance around all edges of the block (aka don’t sew too close to the edge of the block or your cute appliqués will get lost in the seam). Once you are sure everything fits properly, I would suggest that you thread your needle with a bright color you are not using in your block. If necessary, baste your pieces down (this bright color helps you to see what you are NOT using and in the end makes snipping it off much easier). Then, using 3 strands of the coordinating floss, go ahead and begin by stitching down your largest pieces and then the smallest pieces. You can use blanket stitches for the larger sections, and running stitches or stem stitches for the rest. If you add any flowers, you can make little daisy chain stitches or any other decorative ones you like. Use French knots for eyes and centers of flowers.

Once completed, give it a little press. Stack with your other farm blocks and hang on until block number 7! It will be here before you know it! Want a hint???? We are going back to the garden! See you soon! Be blessed in the nest! Nichole Wade

Thank you so much for selecting my pattern! It means a lot to be able to share this fun creation with you. If you would like to see more fun sewing projects or read my blog, stop on by the Happy Wren. You can find me at:

There is even a shopping cart and items to purchase as well. Things are always changing and I add new things as time allows. You can also read some other fun blogs and learn even more about how to sew and stitch!
New to embroidery? Then take a look at my tutorials page where I give some great tips and advice for those just starting out.
Wherever you are in your sewing adventure, I wish you happiness and success!

Be blessed in the nest!
Many thanks, Nichole Wade

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