A. Discovered penicillin Q. Who was Fleming

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A. Discovered penicillin
Q. Who was Fleming
A. First to describe cells
Q. Who is Robert Hooke
A, Used phenol to disinfect wounds
Q. Who is John Lister
A. Described “animalcules” using simple microscope
Q. Who is Leeuwenhoek
A. Showed that broth heated and sealed will not rot
Q. Who is Spallanzani
A. developed the first vaccination
Q. Who was Edward Jenner
A. Used salvarsan to treat syphilis
Q Who is Paul Ehrlich
A. Discovered that anthrax bacteria can cause anthrax
Q. Who is Robert Koch
A. Fermentation, biogenesis, aseptic technique, and pasteurization
Q. Who is Louis Pasteur

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