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Eric DaSilva’s Bio
Eric DaSilva is best known for headlining a sold out show at the Fillmore Theater in Miami Beach, performing in Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival and his one hour comedy album, Adorably Offensive.  
Born in Queens, NY and raised in Miami, FL, Eric began his comedy career while attending college in Miami. After winning several comedy competitions he moved to New York to continue his stand-up career.  Eric quickly made appearances on Comedy Time Network, featured on Hulu, headlined the NYC Annual Brazilian Day Comedy Show and his first album can be heard on Pandora radio. 
Eric has also wrapped up his second comedy album, Not A Beautiful Mind. Shot and filmed in Miami at the famous Artistic Vibes Studio to a sold out crowd, and due out in 2015.  Eric can be seen touring the country performing at Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Casinos. Eric also co-hosts on Bad Dads Podcast on the  Artistic Vibes Podcast Network. 

South Beach Comedy Festival April 2013/ April 2014

Buskerfest June 2014

North vs South Florida Comedy Competition Winner

Latin Laugh Leagues Winner

Outcross Magazine Head Writer

Mecca Magazine Staff Writer

The Bad and the Ugly Contributing Writer

Hollywood Outlaw ‘News‘ Head Writer

Recap News (Pilot) Head Writer
Comedy Clubs (Partial)

The Stand Comedy Club New York City

The Creek and The Cave New York City

Dangerfeild’s Comedy Night Club New York City

The Ice House Comedy Club Pasadena, CA

The Montreal Comedy Nest Montreal, Canada

Improv Comedy Club MIA/ Ft. Laud/ W. Palm FL

Underground Comedy Club Seattle, WA

Comedy Night at The Museum Coral Gables, FL

Fillmore Theater Miami Beach, FL

Wami TV Comic Spotlight

Comedy Time Season 2 Episode 9 HULU.COM

Ultimate Comedian Ustream/MIA Beach Channel

Recap News Pilot Episode

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