8th Grade Social Studies Mid-Term Review

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8th Grade Social Studies Mid-Term Review

  1. Both John Locke and Thomas Jefferson wrote about the natural rights of man. In what document are these "unalienable rights" specifically mentioned?

  2. Most of the depopulation of the Native American population in the 16th century was caused by what?

  3. If the supply of computer engineers increases at the same time that the demand for these workers decreases, what would be the MOST LIKELY effect on wages for these workers?

  4. How could federal government encourage businesses and consumers to spend more money?

  5. The federal personal income tax is an example of what kind of tax?

  6. Why has the French-Indian/Seven Years War often viewed by historians as being a factor in causing the American Revolution?

  7. What did the astrolabe, an example of improved technology of the 15th and 16th centuries, had the GREATEST impact on?

  8. What was France's main interest in North America in the 16th century?

  9. Why do you think Paleoindian artifacts have been found on hills and ridges overlooking streams?

  10. During the Mississippian period, many Native American groups set up large fields where they primarily grew this crop?

  11. What effect did Hernando de Soto’s expedition in Georgia have on Native Americans there?

  12. What did the Spanish who lived and worked in missions often force the Native Americans to do?

  13. Hernando de Soto and his soldiers often treated Native Americans harshly during the Spanish quest for?

  14. Why did James Oglethorpe’s hiring of Mary Musgrove have a positive impact on English and Native relations?

  15. Why did James Oglethorpe came up with idea to move English debtors to his colony in the New World?

  16. Why did the government of England think the Georgia colony would make a good military defense?

  17. Why did the Highland Scots of Darien and the Salzburgers fight against the malcontents?

  18. What is the MOST LIKELY reason the Battle of Bloody Marsh was vital to England and the English-owned colonies?

  19. Why did James Oglethorpe want the Highland Scots to move to Georgia?

  20. The Georgia Salzburgers first arrived in the colony with support from King George II and the Georgia Trustees. Why?

  21. How did the repeal of the Trustee's ban on slavery boosted Georgia's economy?

  22. Why is Henry Ellis is MOST LIKELY remembered as the second founder of Georgia?

  23. How does Georgia's climate help its economy?

  24. What is the importance of the Okefenokee Swamp to Georgia?

  25. How MIGHT the location of the Chattahoochee River have contributed to the development of trade in Georgia?

  26. Why is Atlanta's longest serving mayor, William Berry Hartsfield, known as Atlanta's "father of aviation"?

  27. How was Georgia's economy able to fight off the effects of the Great Depression?

  28. Why were the Highland Scots MOST valued when they arrived in Georgia in 1736?

  29. Ad valorem taxes are property taxes that are levied on property such as automobiles, land, and houses, and, in Georgia, fall under whose jurisdiction?

  30. Which of Georgia's transportation systems BEST allows Georgia business people to travel to international cities and Georgia companies to reach international markets?

  31. Why was Austin Dabney the only African American granted land by the state of Georgia in the 18th century?

  32. For investments, how are risk and return related?

  33. How did the invention of the cotton gin negatively affect Native Americans living in the South?

  34. How did the invention of the cotton gin affect the South?

  35. How did the boll weevil MOSTLY affect Georgia’s economy?

  36. What had the GREATEST impact on Atlanta, Georgia, after the Civil War?

  37. Describe the location of Georgia/

  38. Name the boundary line between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain.

  39. What protects Georgia from damage by storms and hurricanes?

  40. Why did early colonists found Georgia to be a good place for growing crops?

  41. Why was the port of Savannah controversial during the early 1700s?

  42. Which of these FIRST connected the port of Savannah to domestic markets in the west?

  43. Who is a major employer in Brunswick?

  44. From where do the Georgia Department of Transportation employees and projects receive their funding?

  45. Where is the State of Georgia found?

  46. The Blue Ridge region of Georgia is found in what area of the state?

  47. The "Fall Line" is the dividing point between which two geographic regions in Georgia?

  48. In the 1870s Georgia's logging and timber industry became the MOST profitable in the United States because of the expansion of which industry?

  49. Which transportation system has had the BIGGEST impact on making Georgia a center of international business?

  50. Which transportation system has had the BIGGEST impact on providing Georgians with consumer goods?

  51. Describe Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

  52. What was one of the major goals of the colonists who first came to Georgia?

  53. Why is the Talmadge Bridge important?

  54. What is a synonym for the word "entrepreneur"?

  55. Name one of the entrepreneurs learned about in class.

  56. What is the name for the taxes that all homeowners must pay?

  57. Georgia's climate has proven to be particularly good at growing all types of commercial crops EXCEPT?

  58. If you were the governor of Georgia and you wanted to see your state increase its access to international markets, which of these options would you choose to do?

  59. Which two transportation systems interact to provide Georgians with MOST of their consumer goods?

  60. What has positively influenced Fulton County’s economy?

  61. Several corporations are headquartered in Georgia, illustrating Georgia's role in world trade. Which Georgia-based corporation is LEAST LIKELY to have an international impact?

  62. What is the incentive for entrepreneurs to start a new business?

  63. Entrepreneurs develop new goods and services to start a business. Why is entrepreneurship often difficult?

  64. The entrepreneurs who developed Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and the Home Depot are all important because their companies provided?

  65. The Georgia Constitution requires the state to maintain a balanced budget. If the amount of revenue decreases, the services provided by the state will?

  66. How do representatives of interest groups impact choices made during the Georgia state budgetary process?

  67. Describe the path traveled by explorer Hernando de Soto.

  68. Who were the first Europeans to settle in the Americas during the Age of Exploration?

  69. Describes a difference between the English and the French in regards to exploration and colonization.

  70. Describe the types of food that the Eastern Woodland Indians would have eaten.

  71. What was the MOST important food for the Eastern Woodland Indians?

  72. In a free enterprise system, what drives individuals to risk their savings in a business venture?

  73. How do private property rights encourage individuals to work, save, and invest?

  74. In the early-and-mid-1700s Mary Musgrove served as a diplomat between the British in early Savannah and what Yamacraw Indian chief?

  75. What type of revenue are Property taxes, fees, and lottery funds?

  76. Name the states that border Georgia.

  77. Where is Georgia located in the world?

  78. In which area of Georgia would you find the "Valley and Ridge" geographic region?

  79. According to some archaeologists, during which period was the bow and arrow invented?

  80. During which period were the people organized as chiefdoms?

  81. What role did Nancy Hart play in the American Revolutionary War?

  82. Why did Georgia NOT send delegates to the First Continental Congress?

  83. Who served as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Georgia militia and played a key role in the Battle of Kettle Creek?

  84. In addition to Button Gwinnett and Lyman Hall, which other Georgian signed the Declaration of Independence?

  85. Who was John Reynolds?

  86. Who was the second Royal Governor of Georgia and is often credited with being the "second founder" of Georgia?

  87. What is an example of credit?

  88. Name four of the entrepreneurial enterprises that are headquartered in Georgia.

  89. How does the presence of entrepreneurs help a country's economy?

  90. Explain government revenue services.

  91. What is the Right of Revolution?

  92. How much of the New World did Great Britain control in the early 1700s?

  93. How did the Stamp Act affect prices in the American colonies?

  94. Who would have supported boycotting British made goods in North America in the 1770s?

  95. What was the reasons given for the colonization of Georgia was to serve as a "buffer" colony?

  96. Colonial protests and boycotts against the Stamp Act eventually led to?

  97. Which factor plays the biggest role in whether or not funding for a state program will be approved?

  98. What relationship can you make between Whitney's invention and the use of slavery in the Antebellum United States?

  99. What fact or facts support a situation where trade is disadvantageous?

  100. What fact or facts support a situation where trade is advantageous?

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