5. 75 half gyros 00 Beef/lamb or chicken

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The Gyros Shop Menu

~ Delivery available on orders of $30 or more ~


Gyros 5.75 half gyros 3.00

Beef/lamb or chicken

Savory rotisserie meat sliced thin on grilled pita bread, Topped with tzatziki (cucumber sauce), lettuce, Tomatoes, onion and your choice of jack, feta or cheddar cheese

also try our: Thai gyros (sweet and spicy) 5.75

Chicken Bacon Ranch gyros 6.75

Gyros Combo Meal add 1.75

make any Gyros option a meal!

with your choice of side item (basmati rice, Greek salad, cup of soup or a bag of chips) and a medium drink


Gyros Platter 7.50

Beef/lamb or chicken

larger portion of meat alongside a quartered pita,

a side salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives and onion, your choice of cheese, and a cup of tzatziki   

Gyros Rice Bowl 6.00 half 3.00

Beef/lamb or chicken

Two servings of basmati rice topped with onions, tomatoes, your choice of cheese and meat, and tzatziki

Veggie Gyros 4.25

all of the veggies but none of the meat on grilled pita bread with tzatziki and your choice of cheese

The Gyros Shop Menu

~ Delivery available on orders of $30 or more ~
Kids Pita Combo Meal

Cheese only 4.00 Beef/lamb or chicken 5.25

pita topped with melted cheese and Served with basmati rice or chips and a small drink

Without meal, cheese: 3.00 without meal, meat: 4.25
Gyros Salad 6.25

Beef/lamb or chicken

Crisp Lettuce topped with tomatoes, olives, cucumber, onion, your choice of Cheese and meat, served with a cup of tzatziki

sides: Traditional Greek Salad 1.50

tomato, cucumber, olives, onion, green pepper and feta tossed in a savory balsamic/red wine vinaigrette

Basmati rice

½ cup 1.50 1 cup 3.00

Soup of the day

cup 1.50 bowl 3.00

sweet stuff: Baklava 2.50

sweet pastry with layers of butter-soaked phyllo pastry, spices and chopped nuts smothered in a spiced honey-Lemon syrup

Cookies 2 for 1.00


all sodas - 1.50 ice tea - 1.50

bottled water - 1.25 Keurig coffee - 1.50

Italian soda - 3.00

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132 Main ave. s., twin falls, id 83301 (208) 733-1425

Hours: Mon – Wed & Sat 11:00 – 4:00; Thurs & Fri 11:00 – 6:00 thegyrosshop.com

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