3rd Speaker’s speech structure

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3rd Speaker’s speech structure


Part of the speech

Useful language tools




Good evening distinguished Mr/Mme Speaker, members of the house, respected opponents and honorable colleagues from the Government/Opposition

Within the 1st minute (before the first clap)


Repeat the Motion and provide the case extension

  • We’re here today to debate on a burning/ urgent/ hot etc issue…/ The motion before This House for today is…

  • As a 2nd prop team we proudly stand with/ support the 1st G but we’d like to analyze the issue/ motion/ proposition/ resolution from another perspective/ angle/ viewpoint.


Speech structure and team strategy

  • In our case we will talk about/ present/ introduce/ bring two completely new arguments.

  • First I’ll deal with…

  • Then we’ll speak about…

  • GW will elaborate on…

  • But before that I’d like to analyze the first half of today’s debates and demonstrate you that the main issues touched by first two teams support the G’s side.


Analysis of the 1st part of the round/ table.

  • In the first half of today’s debates focused mainly on/ there were 3 major issues/ 3 areas of analysis.

  • The 1st major issue was… [state as you understand it]. We believe that it supports our side in these debates because (add some new reasoning, evidence etc. why you believe that you should win this area of analysis).

2rd 3rd minute


Case Extension (your new constructive arguments).

4th and 5th minutes (you can also reserve the last minute for the last, the strongest argument)



Last 20-30 seconds (after final clap possible too)

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