31st International Symposium on Archaeometry Budapest, 27 April 1 May 1998

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Poster session 2.

3 field archaeology

2 Agris, L. - Ilze, L. - Laimdota, K. Multidisciplinary study of the human impact at the Eini site, Lubana Plain, Eastern Latvia

3 Aidona, E. - Sarris, A. - Kondopoulou D. et al. A detailed study of the archaeological site of Kitros (N. Greece) by combined magnetic and spectroscopy methods

8 Arzhantseva, I. Alanian sites of the 1st mil. A.D. in the North Caucasus. Their topography, building technique and geological evaluation

21 Benech, Ch. - Tabbagh, A. First field trials of a new double frequency E.M. Slingram apparatus CS150

56 Cross, G. M. Comparison of Probe Resistivity and Electromagnatic methods for Archaeological Prospection

57 Cross, G. M. - Williams, E.H. High Resolution Seismic Imaging of Archaeological Remains: field trials in Greece

87 Ergenekon, B. An ethnoarchaeological comparison: The Kerkenes archaeological survey and the legend of Kerkenes city and the Keykavus Castle

111 Gucek, M. - Stokin, M.L. - Oven, K. - Piccolo, M. Evaluation and interpretation of archaeological resources using non-destructive methodologies. Three case studies.

152 Kovalevskaia, V. Mapping of the archaelogical facts

153 Krivanek, R. Geophysical survey and its verification on archaeological sites in Bohemia

161 Link, K. Application of digital spectrophotometry and geophysical prospecting to the analysis of archaelogical activity areas

195 Pavlish, L.A. - Redford, D.B. Preliminary geoarchaeological report: Tel Kedwa, Sinai, Egypt

209 Puszta S. Results of Archaeomagnetic Prospecting in Hungary

208 Puszta S. Magnetic Prospecting in the Proximity of the Town (Problems of data collection and processing)

220 Sampietro, M. M. - Sayago, J. M. Site evolution at Tafi Valley, Northwest Argentina. A geological approach

222 Sarris, A. - Ball, S. - Georgila, K. et al. A Geophysical Campaign at the Neolithic Settlement of Kandou - Kouphovounos (Cyprus)

224 Sarris, A. - Vafeidis, A. - Mertikas, St. et al. Ancient Itanos (Erimoupolis, Lasithi): Creating an archaeological site as a remote sensing laboratory

238 Skripnikova, M. - Arzhantseva, I. - Sedov, S. Pedological studies as a means of reconstructing patterns of Alanian terrace agriculture in the north Caucasus

240 Stanescu, F. - Sonoc, A. Statistical analysis concerning the determination of some probably measuring units utilisated in the ancient Dacian buildings /1st c. B.C. - 1st c. A.D./ in the Orastie Mountains (Romania)

246 Sümegi P. - Kertész R. - Hertelendi E. Environmental change and Human Adaptation in the Carpathian Basin at Late Glacial / Postglacial Transition

256 Trejo, C. Characterization of a sedimentary matrix by particle size and chemical analysis to determine activity areas in a quarry tunnel at Teotihuacan, Mexico

288 Zilivinskaya, E.D. The technical arrangement of the bath-houses in the Golden Horde and its genesis

85 Erdogar, N.J. - Özer, A.M. - Yyldyrymi, H. et al. Application of principal components analysis and edge enhancement techniques for the detection of prehistorical sites in Central Anatolia

4a tech/prov metals

27 Bezúr, A. What's beneath the surface? - A look at metal working techniqes from the Central Andes

37 Calliari, I. - Magrini, M. - Dabala, M. et al. Chemical and microstructural characterisation of Paleovenetian bronze thin plates

41 Chernykh, E. N. - Rovira, S. Early metallurgy in the Eurasian steppe: minerals and slags analysis from Kargaly /Russia/

52 Cowell, M. - La Niece, S. - Rawson, J. A study of Later Chinese Buddhist Metalwork

77 Doonan, R. Defining significance: problems in dealing with Cu-As and Cu-As-Sn alloys

159 Ercanli, L. Structural studies on the metallic artifacts of Phrygian period

92 Farquhar, R. M. - Williams, P.J. - Pavlish, L.A. et al., Metallographic examination of prehistoric copper from the Great Lakes region of North America

104 Giumlia-Mair, A. - Lehr, M. Experiments on ancient patination processes of black bronzes

124 Horváth, F. - Költő L. - Balla, M. et al. About our symbol - Complex analysis of the Szeged-Szillér depot find

130 Ingo, G.M. - Chiozzini, G. - Tucci, P. et al. Determination of the iron ore source exploited for early iron smelting at Tell Afis /north-western Syria/ through microchemical studies

133 Jacanovic, D. - Madas, D. The quantitative and statistical analysis of Late Bronze Age - Early Iron Age deposits in Serbia

156 Kasztovszky, Zs. - Vaday, A. Prompt - gamma activation analysis of roman broches

164 Maclean, P.I. - McDonnell, J.G. A study of antimony bronze alloys from the Late Bronze Age of the Carpathian Basin

174 McGeehan, V. The complexity of copper mineral acqusition in the Aegean, Third Millenium BC.

201 Pernicka, E. - Begemann, F. - Schmitt-Strecker, S. Ai Bunar and more: Multi-centered copper production in the south-east European Chalcolithic

202 Pifferetti, A. A. The copper metallurgy in the Condorhuasi-Alamito Culture of Argentine Northwest (200-400 A.D.)

207 Prychodnyuk, O. - Prychodnyuk, Y. New data on the technologies of Jeweller Products of Pastyrske Fortified Settlement

293 Sertok, K. - Palmieri, A. M. - Squadrone, F. F. An archaeometallurgical survey in the ancient mining area of Hadim-Bozkir

247 Szabó, G. Archaeometallurgical investigation of the LBA bronze objects in the Carpathian Basin

250 Vályi K. Glockengiesserei und Bronzeschmelzöfen im Hof des Klosters von Szer vom Anfang des 13 Jhs.

270 Wager, E.C.W. - Jenkins, D.A. - Ottaway, B.S. X-ray fluorescence as a tool for the identification of Copper ore processing sites on the Great Orme, North Wales, UK

275 Wang, Ch. - Suzuki, M. The structure of the surface of Chinese Black Mirrors and its formation process

278 Whitehead, R.H. - Pavlish, L.A. - Farquhar, R.M. et al. Analysis of copper-based metals from Three Mi'Kmaq sites in Nova Scotia

284 Woodhead, A.P. - Gale, N. H. - Stos-Gale, Z. A. et al. Isotopic anomalies in the element copper: a new metal provenancing method?

4b tech/prov ceramics/glass

17 Baxter, M.J. - Westwood, S. - Jackson, C. Sample size considerations in provenance and related studies

30 Blet, M. - Chapoulie, R. - Uzonyi, I. et al. Point analysis and provenance of ceramics: a first approach

38 Capel, J. - Linares, J. - Huertas, J. et al. Evidence between manufacturing techniques and use in archaeological ceramics

69 De la Fuente, G. Application of Diatomological Analysis (Provenience) in Archaeological Ceramics: an experimental approach

70 Demirci, S. - Caner-Saltik, E. N. - Türkmenoglou, A. et al. Technological properties of some Medieval glazed pottery in Anatolia

82 Eiland, M. Ceramics from Tell Brak, Syria: observations of technological change

100 Gebhard, R. - Guggenbichler, E. - Schmotz, K. et al. Mössbauer study of a Celtic pottery - Making kiln in Lower Bavaria

114 Gunneweg, J. - Asaro, F. - Michel, H.V. Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis used the search whether Late Bronze Cyprus was able to imitate Greek Mailand Mycenean IIIA-B wares

134 Jackson, C.M. - Booth, C.A. - Smedley, J.W. Ashes to ashes: Raw material variability and medieval glass compositions

136 Jacobson, L. - van der Westhuizen, W.A. - Oosthuysen, J. SARM 69 CERAMIC-1: a new pottery certified reference material for inter- and intra laboratory calibration

149 Koch, C. - Pavlish, L.A. - Farquhar, R.M. et al. INAA of pottery from Il Lokeridede and Jarigole, Koobi Fora region, Kenya

160 Likhter, J. A. Semifinished products for glassmaking used in the Antiquity and the Middle Ages

179 Misonne, B. - Laduron, D. - Brulet, R. Provenance study and technological approach of Late Samian ware from Argonne, NW Gaul and Burgundy

185 Okyar, Füsun Characterisation of Iznik ceramics

229 Schreiner, M. - Mantler, M. - Neelmeijer, Ch. et al. Non-destructive pixel-bz-pixel analysis of elements with low atomic numbers using X-ray fluorescence analysis

233 Sempowski, M. - Hancock, R.G.V. - Moreau, J.F. et al. On the transition from tin-rich to antimony-rich European white glass trade beads

253 Tomkins, P. - Day, P. M. - Kilikoglou, V. The first pottery in Europe: Technology, Production and Consumption in Early Neolithic Knossos, Crete

258 Tuna, N. - Gökbulut, Ö. Spatial Autocorrelation on the Analysis by several types of Artifacts within a site of Ceramic Workshops at Knidos, Tekir in Turkey

282 Wittenberger, M. - Mircean, C. An application of the "Zeus" program: the necropolis from Banatului St. (Cluj, Romania)

262 Yellin, J. - Cahill, J. Origin of the Rosette - Stamped Royal Storage Jars from Ancient Judah

286 Zanco, A. Attribution of some stamped sherds of Galloroman Terra Sigillata imitations from Western Switzerland

4c tech/prov stone/pigment/plaster

5 Aloupi, E. - Karzdas, A. - Paradellis, T. et al. Pilot Validation Study for the use of Bromine as a tracer of Sea and Salt routes in ancient cultures

12 Bartel, H-G. -Hennig, H. - Kauschka, G. Some Analyses of Glazes from Assur in Mesopotamia/Iraq

13 Bassiakos, Y. - Biró, K. - Kilikoglou, V. et al. Obsidian trade - the South-Eastern connection

292 Bowman, Sh. Hellenistic "dipped" enamels

33 Buffone, L. - Lorenzoni, S. - Pallara, M. Archaeometric preliminary study of volcanic rocks millstones from Pompei. The problem of their provenance

50 Constantinescu, B. Archaeometrical studies on ancient glassy materials and obsidian using Bucharest Cyclotron

62 Daraban, L. - Cociu, L. - Znamirovschi, V. et al. The study of some physical control methods of precious and semiprecious stones

76 Dominguez-Bella, S. - Morata-Cespedes, D. Mineralogical and chemical characterization of Roman wall painting from Medina, Sidonia, Cadiz, Spain

117 Hawkins, A. - Casey, J. - Pavlish, L.A. - Hancock, R.G.V. Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Siliceous Mudstone from the Birimi Site

125 Horváth, T. - Kozák, M. - Petô, A. Investigation of stone tools from Earthwork at Százhalombatta, Hungary

141 Julig, P.J. - Long, D.F.G. - Hancock R.G.V. et al. Provenance studies of Late Palaeo-Indian Quartzite Artifacts in the Great Lakes Region of North America using Destructive and Non-Destructive Techniques

169 Maniatis, Y. - Malea, K. - Minos, N. A technological investigation of 12th century mosaic icon Tesserae from the Mount Athos, Greece

172 Mastykova, A. Beads from the North Caucasian Klin-Yar III. cemetery /5th-8th cc.A.D./ A chemical-technological analysis

182 Nijagunappa, R. - Wilson, G.C. - Pavlish, L.A. Toranagallu mound: observations of unusual glassy materials

190 Palmieri, A.M. - Volterra, E. Provenance studies of prehistoric flint from the Gargano mines (Puglia, Italy)

212 Rehn, K. A Late Neolithic Production Site for Axe Flakes near Kottenheim, Kr. Mayen-Koblenz, Germany

227 Schléder Zs. - Biró K. - Szakmány Gy. Petrographical studies of Neolithic stone tools

128 Terullo, S. - Farquhar, R.M. - Pavlish, L.A. Slag analysis on Kom el Adhem (The Hill of Bones), Tel Rub'a, (Mendes), Egypt

264 Vakoulis, Th. - Maniatis, Y. - Polykreti, K. Provenance of the marbles from Katapoliani church in Paros: the problem of discrimination between Parian and Proconnesian marble

293 Kriston, L. - Török, K. - Gatter, I. Occurrence of Fluorite on Medieaval Hungarian Polychrome Stone Sculpture

5 theme session experimental archaeology and its impact on scientific archaeology

90 Fabbri, B. - Gualtieri, S. - Santoro, S. The importance of firing atmosphere in the production of coarse ceramics with calcite and chamotte inclusions

126 Horváth, T. - Marton, E. The warp weighted loom in the Carpathian Basin (Experiment in the Százhalombatta Archaeological Park, Hungary)

198 Pavlish, L.A. The heating Issue in Ancient Technologies

193 Pavlish, L.A. Experiments with a Bow and Arrow

197 Pavlish, L.A. - Bever, W. F. - Sheppard, P.J. Frozen Bone Breakage Experiments

199 Pavlish, L.A. - Kleindienst, M.R. - Sheppard, P.J. Flume Experiments with Stone and Bone

196 Pavlish, L.A. - Savage, H. Bone and Stone Breakage in White-Tailed Deer

236 Shamanaev, A. The experimental study of the tools on the fragments of the pottery

55 Von der Crone, M.J. - Maggetti, M. Experimental firing of clays using salt water

general archaeometry

248 Szabó G. - Szónoky M. Data and experiments to trade of the raw material in Central-Europe of Late Bronze Age

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