31st International Symposium on Archaeometry Budapest, 27 April 1 May 1998

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Poster session 1.

1 biomaterials

291 Aveling, E.M. - Heron, C. - Larsson, L. Mesolithic gums and glues: analytical investigations and archaelogical implications

16 Baumer, U. - Koller, J. Characterisation of ancient pitches derived from pine wood by GC and GC/MS

23 Berdnikov, S. An osteological analysis of elk /Alces alces L./ bones from excavations in the Lubana Lake Basin, Eastern Latvia

24 Berzsenyi B. - Gyulai F. The archaeobotanical analysis of the Middle Bronze Age settlement at Bölcske - Vörösgyír

25 Beuls, I. - De Cupere, B. - Van Mele, P. et al. Present-day ovicaprine herding: relevance in the reconstruction of ancient herding at Roman Sagalassos

32 Buckley, S.A. - Stott, A.W. - Evershed, R.P. Characterisation of Embalming resins from ancient Egyptian mummies

40 Chaya, H., J. Exploratory testing of archaeological soils

48 Collins, M.J. - Child, A.M. - Waite, E. R. et al. Bone biopolymers, plugging the credibility gaps

53 Craig, O. E. - Collins, M. G. - Stacey, R. et al. Screening for proteins on the ancient potsherds

68 De La Cruz Baltazar, V. - Edwards, H.G.M. - McColm, I.J. et al. Studies on the state of preservation of archaelogical bone

72 De Reyer, D. - Pilbout, S. - Dennebouy, N. et al. Medieval textiles: Ancient DNA and analyses of metal threads made of animal substrate

89 Ezzo, J. A. Long-term dietary change in the Southern Channel Islands, California: The evidence from San Nicolas Islands

94 Farswan, Y. S. Reconstruction of paleodietary behaviour of archaeofaunal remains of Garhwal Himalaya, India

112 Gulson, B.L. - Jaric, J. - Rainbird, P. - Thomas, R.G. The application of isotopic analysis in the study of Pacific Islander population Dynamics

115 Gyulai F. Chemical and Nutritional Analysis of Food Remains from Hungary / Central Europe

123 Hoogewerff, J. - Kralik, M. - Berner, M. et al. The Origin Of The Tyrolean Iceman Documented By His Bone (Geo)Chemistry

139 Jerem, E. - Rudner, Z. E. Anthracological investigations at Sopron - Krautacker

135 Jim, S. - Stott, A.W. - Ambrose, S.H. et al. The complimentary use of bone cholesterol and collagen stable isotopes for paleodietary reconstruction: Results from animal models

145 Kaup, Y. - Etspüler, H. - Koller, J. et al. Skeletal embalming and natronisation in the Old Kingdom conserves alkaline phosphatase

150 Koller, J. - Baumer, U. The investigation of prehistoric birch pitch find by GC and GC/MS

158 Lazos, L. - Pena, A. - Barba, L. A method for the identification of copal resin in archaeological materials

175 Medzihradszky, Zs. The traces of the human activity in the pollen diagrams of West Hungary

176 Middleton, W. D. - Price, T. D. A teoretical model using strontium isotope ratios and differnial bone remodeling rates in various skeletal elements

186 Olkhovsky, V. S. - Veselovskaya, E. V. On the population of the Aral and the Caspian region during the early Iron Age

191 Panczyk, E.- Ligeza, M. - Walis, L. Analysis of sarcophagi fillings of Egyptian mummies from the Archaeological Museum in Cracov

192 Papagrigorakis, M. - Panagiaris, G. - Vossou, A. et al. From diagenesis to fossilization of buried human teeth

211 Regert, M. - Dudd, S.N. - Pétrequin, P. et al. Chemical investigations of organic materials preserved in Neolithic ceramic vessels from lake-dwellings /Chalain lake, Jura, France/

215 Richards, M. - Hedges, R.E.M. Reconstructing Human Diet in the Neolithic of North-West Europa using Bone Stable Isotopes

216 Robles, P. Q. - Quevedo, T. - Coronado, G. O. A preliminary Determination of heavy metals in human and animal bones from the Pleistocene Holocene period in two regions of Mexico

217 Rovner, I. Large scale paleoecology using opal phytolith analysis in small scale sites

218 Ruthenberg, K. - Egenberg, I.M. - Heron, C. Viking- and Middle Age Tars from Norwegian Ships

243 Stern, B. - Heron, C. - Serpico, M. et al. New approaches to the analysis of resin and oil residues from Canaanite amphorae transported to Egypt in the Late Bronze Age

250 Tejeda, S. - Manzanilla, L. - Valadez R. et al. Paleodietary applications of strontium and zinc in animal bones from Teotihuacan site

265 van Bergen, P.F. - Evershed, R.P. - Peakman, T.M. et al. Chemical characterization of Frankincense and Pine Resins from Qasr Ibrim

267 Vargas-Sanders, R. - Ortiz, E. - Martínez, R. D. Identification of ancient proteins on a ceramic sculpture of Mictlantecutli at the Templo Mayor, Mexico

2 dating

28 Blackwell, B. ESR Dating the Archaeological site at Tsagaan Agui, Mongolia

59 Csapó, J. - Nyberg, J. - Malmgren, B. et al. In what way, for what and with what limits can amino acids and amino acid racemisation be used in archaeometry?

67 Dayton, J. E. Carbon 14, Tree rings, Ice cores and chronology

106 Gögen, K. - Wagner, G.A. Alpha-recoil-track dating of biotites from Quaternary volcanics

44 Heajoo, Ch. - Schaaf, P. - Ramirez, A. TL-Dating of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

118 Hedley, I.G. - Billaud, Y. Deformation of burnt structures and archaeomagnetic error

121 Hillegonds, D. J. - Lipschutz, M.E. An INAA and Radiocaebon Study of Middle Roman Amphorae

157 László, A. Towards a radiocarbon chronology of the Romanian Prehistory

184 Nyberg, J. - Malmgren, B. - Winter, A. et al. Age estimation of coral based on amino acid composition

237 Skinner, A. R. - Rink, J. W. ESR dating of flint: problems with the E' Centre

245 Stott, A.W. - Evershed, R.P. - Hedges, R.E.M. et al. 14C dating of archaeological pottery: A compound specific approach using individual lipids

271 Wagner, G.A. - Wagner I.B. - Lang, A. et al. Luminescence dating of ceramics and sediments from the La Cadena site, Ecuador

272 Waite, E.R. - Collins, M.J. - Moody, H. G. et al. Racemization of aspartic acid, using dentine proteins to text the method

4a tech/prov metals

10 Balassone, G. - Di Maio, G. - Boni, M. Analysis of some metallic objects from the necropolis of Saticula (Sant'Agata dei Goti, Benevento, Italy)

15 Bassiakos, Y. - Michailidou, A. Metallurgical evidence for local copper exploitation at Akrotiri, Thera: First results

22 Benvenuti, M. - Mascaro, I. - Strillozzi, B. et al. Etruscan tin-rich slags from Populonia (Tuscany, Italy): a preliminary report

26 Beukens, R. P. - Pavlish, L. A. - Wilson, G. C. et al. Authenticity of Iron Warrior on Horseback

31 Boni, M. - Di Maio, G. - Frei, R. et al. Isotopic analysis of Roman lead objects from Southern Italy: hypothesis on their provenance

46 Cincotti, A. - Atzeni, C. Archaeometry of gold finds from prehistoric Sardinia

51 Cosma, C. - Daraban, L. - Fiat, T. et al. Analysis of some ancient and middle age coins by neutron activation and X-ray fluorescence

93 Farquhar, R. M. - Hancock, R.G. - Pavlish, L. A. European connections - Implications of Lead Isotope Ratios in early 17th century Trade Kettles from Eastern Canada

101 Geckynly, A.E. - Özbal, H. - Meeks, N. D. et al. The examination of the gold samples from Sardis and the replication experiments

289 Gömöri J. - Török, B. Technical investigations of the Nemeskér and Imola type iron smelting furnace materials from the Early Medieval period

109 Gondonneau, A. - Nicolet, H. - Guerra, M.F. The gold and silver of the Persian Empire. From Cyros to Alexandre the Great

116 Hancock, R.G.V. - Pavlish, L. A. - Farquhar, R. M. et al. The Analysis of Brass Samples from the Ball and Warminster sites in southern Ontario, Canada

129 Ingo, G.M. - Angelini, E. - Micheletto, E. et al. Copper plating on an iron artefact from the Early Middle Ages Peveragno site /Piemonte, north-western Italy/

131 Ingo, G.M. - Falciani, R. - Chiozzini, G. et al. Lead anchors and ingots from Is Piscinas /Montevecchio mine basin, south-western Sardinia, Italy/

162 Linke, R. - Schreiner, M. - Winter, H. et al. Friesacher Pfenning: Non-destructive Examinations on Austrian Medieval Silver Coins by Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

165 Maclean, P.I. - Költő, L. - Kis Varga, M. Analysis of high antimony concentration finds with various methods

214 Rehren, Th. - Eckstein, K. The development of analytical cupellation in the Middle Ages

230 Schreiner, M. IMMACO: Improvement of Means of Measurements on Archaeological Copper Alloys for Characterization and Conservation within a European Research Project

232 Segal, I. - Halicz, L. - Kamenski, A. A study of the metallurgical remains from Ashkelon-Afridar, Israel

234 Serneels, V. The calculation of the iron production based on the chemical balance between ore and slags

255 Török, B. Technical examinations of medieval ferrous metallurgical finds found in Hungarian sites

279 Williams, W. - Sarin, P. - Wang, C. et al. Interpretation of black surface of ancient Chinese bronze mirrors

280 Wilson, G. C. - Pavlish, L. A. - Hancock, R.G.V. et al. Analysis of copper-based metals from the Ball and Warminster sites, South-Central Ontario, Canada

289 Zivkovic, D. - Janjic, S. - Trujic, V. et al. Physico-chemical investigations of the archaeometallurgical findings from the Late Antique and Early Middle Age sites in Banat and Backa

4b tech/prov ceramics/glass

29 Bland, H. A. - Regert, M. - Evershed, R. P. Evidence for oxidised lipids in archaeological ceramic vessels

36 Buxeda i Garrigós, J. - Kilikoglou, V. - Day, P. M. Chemical and mineralogical alteration of ceramics from a Late Bronze Age kiln at Kommos, Crete; the effect of firing temperature

39 Capel, J. - Linares, J. - Huertas, J. et al. Identification of the provenance of archaeological ceramics from contents in Trace Elements and Rare Eath Elements

71 De Raedt, I. - Janssens, K. - Veeckman, J. et al. Composition of "facon-de-venise" and Venetian glass found in Antwerp, Belgium

79 Duruz, M. - Maggetti, M. An early medieval pottery workshop from the 9th Century at Reinach / Switzerland

99 Gassner, V. - Sauer, R. Archaeometrical characterisation and provenance studies on pottery of Velia (Southern Italy)

122 Hitsiou, E. - Day, P. M. Late Neolithic Ceramic Exchange networks: New evidence from Northern Greece

137 Jacobson, L. - van der Westhuizen, W.A. - Morris, D. XRF analysis of pastoralist pottery from the Riet River, Northern Cape, South Africa

138 Jembrich, D. - Schreiner, M. - Peev, M. et al. Tiffany or Loetz? Identification of Art Nouveau Iridescent Glass Artifacts

144 Karklins, K. - Kapches, M. - Hancock, R.G.V. et al. Non-destructive analysis of European cobalt glass trade beads

147 Kilikoglou, V. - Vekinis, G. Finite element analysis for failure prediction of archaeological pottery

155 Kiriatzi, E. - Kotsakis, A. K. - Andreou, S. - Dimitriadis, S. Raw material sources and ceramic production in LBA Central Macedonia, Greece: a comparative analysis of handmade and wheelmade pottery by thin section petrography

166 Mais, A. Provenance studies at Neolithic to Bronze Age pottery ware from the Castel Grande /Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland/

171 Mason, R.B. - Golombek, L. The petrology of Iranian Safavid ceramics

178 Mirti, P. - Davit, P. - Ferrara, E. The contribution of colour measurement in studying provenance and technology of ancient pottery

180 Mommsen, H. - Andrikou, E. - Aravantinos, V. et al. Neutron activation results of pottery from Boetia including ten Linear B inscribed stirrup jars of Thebes

181 Moreau, J.F. - Hancock, R.G.V. - Aufreiter, S. et al. Analysis of white beads of a late seventeenth century decorated bag from the Ashuapmuchuan site (Eastern Central Quebec), Canada

188 Özcilingir-Akgün, S. - Caner-Saltik, E. N. - Bakirer, Ö. Characterization of some medieval glazed building tiles in Anatolia

194 Pavlish, L.A. - Farquhar, R.M. - Redford, D.B. et al. Archaeological, Historical and Geochemical Analyses of Basket Handle Jars from Mendes, Egypt

200 Pérez-Arantegui, J. - Castillo, J. R. Chemical characterization of high-lead glazes on Islamic decorated ceramics, produced in Northern Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain)

228 Schneider, G. - Zsidi, P. A chemical study of Roman Pottery and lamps from Aquincum

242 Stephen, Fiona M.K. Multi-element analysis of Uruk ceramics - Provenance and distribution

251 Thierrin-Michael, G. - Galetti, G. - Masserey, C. MACROSCOPICAL, Mineralogical and chemical characterisation of pottery from an early La Tene settlement at Alle (Noir Bois), Jura, Switzerland: An example for the combination of "low-" and "high-tech" methods

257 Tsolakidou, A. - Kilikoglou, V. - Day, P.M. Chemical characterisation of calcareous Bronze Age pottery fabrics from Central Crete

269 Vnukov, S. Method of formalized comparative petrological analysis of ancient ceramic and its application to the Greek amphorae

274 Wang, Ch. - Xu A. Preliminary research on the Provenance of Pottery Zun with big mouth of the Dawenkou Culture

4c tech/prov stone/pigment/plaster

4 Ali, M.F. - Bianchetti, P.L. - Talarico, F. et al. Production and characterization of Egyptian blue and green frit

9 Attanasio, D. - Platania, R. - Armiento, G. et al. The establishment of new Electron Spin Resonance Marble Database

20 Benea, M. - Müller, H.W. - Schwaighofer, B. The single Roman marble quarry in Romania

49 Conati Barbaro, C. - Lemorini, C. Techno-typological and functional analysis of the lithic industry of the Copper Age site Le Cerquete-Fianello (Maccarese, Rome)

54 Crisci, G.M. - De Francesco, A.M. - Lanzafame, U. New non-destructive analytical method in X-ray fluorescence to trace back the origins of archaeological obsidians

63 Daraban, L. - Cosma, C. - Cozar, O. et al. Obsidian provenance studies

74 Dobosi, V. T. - Biró, K. T. Prehistoric and classical stone quarries ("mines") in the Carpathian Basin

75 Dominguez-Bella, S. - Ramos Munoz, J. - Morata-Cespedes, D. et al. Raw materials, source areas and technological relationships between minerals, rocks and prehistoric non-flint stone tools from the Atlantic band, Cadiz province, SSW Spain

291 Ilani, Sh. - Rosenfeld, A. - Dvorachek, M. Mineralogy and chemistry of a Roman remedy from Judea, Israel

154 Kuleff, I. - Djingova, R. - Arnaudov, M. - Gergova, D. Provenance study of iron age amber from Bulgaria

183 Nikl A. - Szakmány Gy. - Biró K. Archaeometrical studies of Neolithic stone tools from Tolna county, Hungary

203 Polykreti, K. - Michael, Ch. - Maniatis, Y. Authenticating ancient marble monuments with Thermoluminescence

249 Szakmány, Gy. - Starnini, E. Petrographical analysis of polished stone tools from some neolithic sites of Hungary

259 Tuncoku, S. S. - Caner-Saltik, E. N. - Böke, H. Pozzolanic properties of some Medieval masonry mortars

266 Vandenabeele, P. - Wehling, B. - Moens, L. et al. Characterization of pigments in Mercatellis manuscripts by total reflection X-ray fluorescence and Raman-microscopy

83 Elekes, Z. - Uzonyi, I. - Gratuze, B. et al. Characterisation of obsidian from the Carpathian source region with different analytical methods

general archaeometry

140 Jovanovic, B. The impact of the Archaeometry on the recent prehistoric research in the Central Balkans

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