2nd Six Weeks’ Project Grading Rubric—Ancient or Medieval Technology Grading Rubric

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2nd Six Weeks’ Project Grading Rubric—Ancient or Medieval Technology

Grading Rubric

Research Questions:

Students will research and answer the following questions within their presentation.

Possible points


1. Who (a person in particular) or what civilization was responsible for first developing the innovation/invention?



2. Why did they develop the innovation/invention (what problem were they trying to solve?)?



3. How did they make it? (What materials were used, what were the steps involved, did they use mathematical and/or engineering principles to construct it?)



4. What effect did it have on civilization/society--what was its value--how did it help civilization/society advance? (military? governmental? social? economic?, etc.)



5. What is the modern day equivalent of it? Compare and contrast its value, method of construction, cost, etc. to your ancient or medieval version.



6. Conceive a future version of your ancient/medieval technology. What would it look like? How would it work?





Illustration of object/ or object in miniature:

1. Students will include a detailed drawing in color of the technological innovation/invention OR

2. Students will create a miniature version of the object to present as part of their presentation.

1. 50
2. 75





1. Students create a Powerpoint presentation or a display board that displays the answers to their questions in an informative way.



2. Students present their presentation to the class during the week of November 1st (presentation should last between 5 and 10 minutes).



3. Powerpoint presentation or display board is free of mechanical and/or grammatical errors.



4. Powerpoint presentation or display board displays a "works cited" (list sources in bibliographical format).








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