2015 Summer Reading List 7th Grade

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2015 Summer Reading List

7th Grade

Every student entering the 7th grade is responsible for reading two books from the following list and turn in a book review (attached) for each book the first day of the 2015/2016 school year.

**Remember the book reviews are due the first day you enter the classroom for a grade.


Crash Spinelli, Jerry

A Dog Called Homeless Lean, Sarah

Almost Home Bauer, Joan

Counting by Seven Sloan, Holly Goldberg

Starters Price, Lissa

Inhuman Falls, Kat

Moby Dick graphic novel Melville, Herman

Slam Myers, Walter Dean

The Graduation of Jake Moon Park, Barbara

Who Was Jackie Robinson? Herman, Gail

PRE-AP Students


The Sword in the Stone White, T.H.

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving, Washington

Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Lewis

Alice in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis

Through the Looking Glass Carroll, Lewis

Secret Life of Bees Kidd, Sue monk

Sunrise Over Fallujah Myers, Walter Dean

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